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01-18-2003, 10:35 PM
This just off the news wire here in Dallas:

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Just a few short months ago, Les Moore aka "OnePocketChamp", made the bold statement that he would "never suffer at the hands of a good safety play" as he had purchased a Bunjee Jump/Break cue.

It seems the romance of the elusive jump shot has faded as fast as the color in OPC's hair. Yes my pool-playing friends, the cue has been sold to someone else.

It seems the time needed to perfect the jump shot was to vast for his short temperment. The only jump shot Les had perfected was the "fly-the-cueball-off-the-table-when-breaking" shot.

What was once a proud man, unwilling to give up on any task placed before him, regardless of the level of difficulty, is now a beaten, ashamed shell of the previous man.

There is rumor of a "new" break cue being made as this hits the presses but one might be certain that this new cue will be on the garage sale table as well if OPC continues to allow his cue to rise to astronomical heights during his break stroke. Some have likened his break shot to that of Richard Simmons "sweating to the oldies."

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