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01-20-2003, 09:40 AM
Hi All,

Sarah L. Ellerby Should Be Lady Rookie Of The Year. (She Is My Rookie Of The Year)

Sarah L. Ellerby of Orlando Florida should be Lady Rookie Of The Year because she is the highest-ranking lady player to achieve her pro status with 100 percent participation in the six WPBA Classic Tour Events of the 2002 season.

Sarah Ellerby started the season in forty third place with 120 ranking points and finished the season in fourth tenth place with 390 ranking points a total gain of 270 ranking points. Sarahs highest finish was a fifth place finish at the WPBA Event at Alpine California where on the winners side she defeated Alice Rim 9-7, Robin Dobson 9-6, Darlene Stinson 9-2, Helena Thornfeldt 9-8 and was defeated by Karen Corr 9-3. On the one loss side Jeanette Lee defeated Sarah 9-6. Sarah over all won 19 matches and lost 14 in the six WPBA Classic Events and the BCA Ladies 9-Ball Championships.

The WPBA Regional Ladies Spirit Tour in which Sarah L. Ellerby was a regular participant. Sarah finished in first place with 1120 points four first place finishes and two-second place finishes in spite of missing two tournaments, which were WPBA Qualifiers. She could not participate in the qualifiers because of her WPBA Touring Pro Status. Sarah finished 195 points ahead of the second place finisher.

Sarah L. Ellerby started out 2003 season right where she left off with a great finish in the Texas Tornado Lady’s 9-Ball open by defeating all who played her including 9-2 win over Ms. Vivian Villarreal the number 6 player in the WPBA and become Queen of The Hill by defeating Ms.. Monica Webb the number 7 ranked women in the WPBA 9-8 for the hot seat and playing two outstanding true double elimination matches against Ms. Monica Webb she lost 9-6 9-2.

Sarah L. Ellerby formally of Pickering, North Yorkshire England is my Rookie of the year pick.

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01-20-2003, 10:02 AM
You get a D+ for your Paper grade. Next time ask for a Red Ryder BB gun!

01-22-2003, 02:12 PM
Hi Idiot,

Beep Beep ALF,

Sorry ALF you get an F as your answer is non responsive and idiotic. You should have agreed with me or argued that Kimmy Shaw is the Rookie of the year.

Kimmy Shaw of Basingstoke Hampshire England started the WPBA 2002 season in 46 place with 80 points and finished the season in 19th place with 300 points. Kimmy Shaw won 27 of her matches while losing 14. She is an outstanding example of the snooker players superior techniques and fundamentals. She deserves mention for her great play.