View Full Version : An opinion on a book

01-20-2003, 06:19 PM
I know that Dr. Bob Fancher used to post on this board and stirred up some heated arguments. I don't intend to revisit any of them, but I just recently read the "Revised and Expanded" edition of his book, Pleasures of Small Motions. I never read the first edition, but I understand that the revised edition is a significant improvement with much new material. Anyway, it's the best I've read on the mental game of pool. I'd recommend it for anyone who is just interested in the mental side of pool or who is struggling with problems on the pool table that are more psychological than mechanical. I don't think that the book is the last word on the psychology of pool, but I do think it is based on valid research and sound psychological principles. Just my two cents, guys and gals.