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01-22-2003, 11:17 PM
I recently recieved an older 4-piece pool cue as an inheritance. My first question would be, is it worth refurbishing the stick, or should I just buy a new one? The stick was well cared for and used often, but had been stored in it's case for about 5 years before I recieved it. The stain of the back half of the stick is wearing pretty thin, but that really isn't a problem to redo. The problem I run into is that, while the shaft is in good condition and strait, the tip is shot, and of the screw-in variety. I have been at best a casual player for years, but recently have been playing much more actively since they put in a new pool table at the college I am attending. Since I have no experience installing tips, and the nearest pool shop is over 150 miles away, is there an "easy" way I can retip the current shaft? Should/can I buy a new shaft, or am I better off making the trip to the pool shop and having them take care of it? I have no idea what make the stick is, as it has no identifier markings. The tips is dime size, and as far as my friends and I can determine, the weight is 21 Oz.
I can probably manage to provide a picture if you think it would help.

Chris Cass
01-22-2003, 11:44 PM
Hi E,

It's not worth refinishing and the screw on tips can be replaced by you. They sell them at WalMart and I believe K-Mart have them also. Just get a pair of pliers and a rag and unscrew it. The stick in question isn't an expensive cue at all. WalMart does have some nice graphite cues. Find a straight one and for about $20. you'll find it to be an all around better quality cue. JMHO You also want to get away from the screw on tip cues. One break and the tip moves over a notch. I realize it may be of sentimental value so, I suggest put it in the closet for keepsake.

Good Luck,


01-22-2003, 11:45 PM
You can order those tips from Muellers and other suppliers. It just screws off then screw the new in. It's a poor way at making a cue at best. Don't invest any money in this cue other than the tip.

01-23-2003, 07:35 AM
Just to reinforce what Rod and CC said, that's probably not a stick you wanna play with. You'd be better off getting a Dufferin, Stealth, J & J, or Action for under $50. Besides if it has any sentimental value you could lose it or have it stolen from you.