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Harold Acosta
01-25-2003, 09:31 AM
From MSN website:

Chess legend Garry Kasparov, still bitter over losing six years ago to the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue, is about to take on a machine programmers say is an even more cunning opponent. In six games beginning Sunday, Kasparov will match wits with an Israeli-programmed computer called Deep Junior. And this time, Kasparov says, it’s a fair fight.

Story at: http://www.msnbc.com/news/863920.asp?0bl=-0#BODY

Voodoo Daddy
01-25-2003, 10:29 AM
Does Kasparov have the mental tools to beat the machine? He slowly crumbled when he watched Blue counter his every move. I always wondered if he was in the same area code as Fisher or Spasky? Bobby Fisher, a great chess mind but has horrible social malfunctions. Spasky, a true master of the squares and he's able to greet royalty as well as common folk. Where I wonder does Kasparov fit in there?

01-25-2003, 11:01 AM
Trying to compare Kasparov to the former world champions is about as controversial as it is in pool or any other competitive activity. Amongst the Chess cognesenti you can find admirers in both camps to argue their favorite was better. But Kasparov is certainly not a paper tiger. He was World Champion for quite a few years and defended the title a number of times. He finally lost it to his former student Kramnik about a year ago. Kramnik just lost a match to someone very recently I think, and Kramnik lost to a multiprocessor IBM computer a few months ago. In one of the games he made a blunder that the average club player would not have missed or he would have won the match.

Anyway, Kasparov is certainly considered right up there with the best of them from recent or past times.

Harold Acosta
01-25-2003, 11:09 AM
Does Kasparov have the mental tools to beat the machine? He slowly crumbled when he watched Blue counter his every move.
__________________________________________________ _______

Well, there is a poll at the website, where 49 percent saying the machine will win, 37% saying Kasparov, and 14% saying it will be a tie. I voted for the machine.

01-25-2003, 08:40 PM
The First FIDE Official World Championship: Man (Kasparov) Vs
Machine (Deep Junior)". The six-game match match will take place
at the New York Athletic Club in New York City, with games on
January 26, 28, 30 and February 2, 5 and 7. All games start at
3:30pm New York time.

Deep Junior won the last official world championship for computers
in July 2002, and has won the championship three times. Kasparov
is the highest-rated player in the world.

Kasparov will receive $800,000 if he wins, $750,000 on a drawn
match, and $700,000 if he loses. Deep Junior gets $300,000 for
a win, $250,000 for a drawn match, and $200,000 for losing.

Harold Acosta
01-26-2003, 09:03 AM
Kasparov is getting $500,000 appearance fee, plus the additional $300,000 if he wins. Not a bad payday, don't you think?

Geez, when will pool players get a $500,000 appearance fee?

Probably never!

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01-27-2003, 10:08 AM
Here's a website for the tourney: http://www.x3dworld.com/Entertainment/CI_X3DEvnt_MvM_Big_Frameset.html

Here's a website for Deep Junior: http://www.cs.unimaas.nl/icga/news/events/GK-DJ%20event/DJBriefing.html#Photo

Here's a website where you can wager on the tourney! Lol. http://www.betsson.com/en/index.asp?partnerID=121

Here's a copy of Kasparov's Biography from the tourney website: (Long)


NAME: Garry Kimovich Kasparov
BIRTH DATE: April 13, 1963
BIRTH PLACE: Baku, Azerbaijan
DOMICILE: Moscow, Russia
MOTHER: Klara Shagenovna Kasparova
FATHER: Kim Moiseyevich Weinstein
INTERESTS: History, Politics, Literature, Computers, Walking, Weights, Swimming, Rowing and most sports.

Year Age
Started Playing: 1967 5
Soviet Junior Champion: 1976-77 12-13
World Junior Champion: 1980 17
International Grandmaster: 1980 17
Joint 1st USSR Champion: 1981 18
World Champion Finalist: 1984 21
World Champion: 1985 - 2000 22-35
World's #1 Rated Player: 1984 - 2002 21-39
1st Player ever to top 2800 rating: 1989 26

1984 Moscow v Karpov match abandoned
1985 Moscow v Karpov Kasparov wins title
1986 London/Leningrad v Karpov Kasparov retains title
1987 Sevilla v Karpov Kasparov retains title
1990 New York/Lyon v Karpov Kasparov retains title
1993 London v Short Kasparov retains title
1995 New York v Anand Kasparov retains title
2000 London v Kramnik Kasparov loses title

Garry Kasparov was born on April 13, 1963 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, ex-USSR. By the age of seven, Garry was a child chess prodigy. At nine, he had already won a semifinal of the 'blitz' championship for adults in Baku. In 1976, aged only 12, he achieved his first great victory thanks to his relentless work and won the Soviet Junior Championship. He became the youngest player in the history of this competition to win such a title.

In 1979 he celebrated his 16th birthday and for the first time, entered a foreign adult tournament. Garry finished first ahead of fourteen Grand Masters.

In 1980, he won the World Junior Championship.

At 21, Garry Kasparov was the youngest player in chess history to compete in a World Championship final match.

On November 9, 1985 Garry became the youngest ever World Chess Champion when he beat Anatoli Karpov. This made him the 13th World Champion and he had already become the number one ranked player in the world.

In January of 1990, Kasparov created two milestones in chess history. First, he moved past Bobby Fischer's best ever rating of 2785 and then broke the magical 2800 sound barrier. He was the first player in Chess history to do so. At that time, it was the chess equivalent of breaking the four-minute mile.

In 1999, after winning the three major events of that year, he created a new milestone by topping the 2850 ELO ratings mark. (The only player to do so.)

From December 1981 to February 1991, Kasparov made chess history by not losing a single event for nearly ten years. This was the period in which he created the reputation of invincibility.

At this time, Kasparov is just a few months short of holding the #1 rating in the world for an incredible 18 years (late 1984 - late 2002).

All Time Great

In 1988, a computer program was devised to analyze a vast collection of chess statistics, in order to create a ranking of the all-time chess greats. Top of the list, above Capablanca, Karpov, Fischer and the rest, was the twenty-five year old Russian, Garry Kasparov. Today, in his late thirties, Kasparov has been THE #1 RANKED PLAYER FOR EIGHTEEN YEARS.

Early Days

A child chess prodigy who started playing as a five-year old, Kasparov qualified as an International Chess Master at the age of sixteen.

The Person

Those close to Garry know his unrestrained contagious laugh, his kindness and caring and know him as a multi-faceted and unique person. All of his adult life the courage of his convictions have been put to the test. His matches against Anatoll Karpov (the previous champion closely connected with the Communist establishment) were widely regarded as a show of individual opposition to the authoritarian state. He had difficulties with the USSR Sports Committee, the Communist Party and even the KGB. He was in the fore-front of the anticommunist movement, resulting in real threats.

The Flight from Baku

Tragic events in Baku at the end of the 1980's marked the beginning of a whole chain of multi-national conflicts in the USSR. Kasparov showed bravery and leadership when he went into Baku, into the midst of massacre and carnage to rescue the families of his relatives and friends. With difficulty he chartered a flight to Moscow, re-housing the entire group at his own expense and helping them start new lives. Garry could have left the collapsing Soviet Union, but preferred to stay in Moscow.

The Number One Ranking

For eighteen years, Kasparov has held the #1 chess ranking. In 1989, he became "the first" and "the only" player to top the 1800 level, a distinction he still holds today.

Championship Defenses

He successfully defended his title more times than any champion in modern times.

Team Challenges

The restless Russian is always looking for new challenges and for the past decade has astounded the Chess world by beating some of the world's strongest Olympic chess teams, playing four or six Grandmasters simultaneously.


Kasparov has been at the forefront of the use of computers in Chess and in 1998 he played against Topolov in the first highly publicized game of AAdvanced Chess in Leon, Spain. AAdvanced Chess is Man &amp; Computer vs. Man &amp; Computer and the fascination for everyday chess fans is that they feel that they are "peeking" inside the minds of the great players.

Deep Blue

In February, 1996 in Philadelphia, he played IBM's Deep Blue computer. His opponent was able to analyze 50 billion moves in three minutes. In NYC in May 1997, Kasparov again played the monster computer. The series stands at one match each and the World Champion, baked by the world's estimated 300 million Chess players, has challenged IBM to a tie-breaking third match. Has IBM cashed in its silicon chips and sailed off into the sunset, satisfied with a tied series, or will they rise to the challenge for the tie-breaker? Whatever the outcome, these two matches created two incredible statistics. Chess received the greatest exposure the game has ever known and IBM's PR unit was quoted as saying that the company received over one billion dollars in quantifiable publicity and 72 million hits on their Internet site.

1990 The Brain of the Year

The Brain Club and Synapsia elected Garry as its first "Brain of the Year" and described him as "The World Chess Champion, athlete and humanitarian both, and a
cultivated and curious man who closely follows literature, films and politics".


He has authored several books on chess and is a regular contributor for the Wall Street Journal. Other recent contributions have been made to TIME magazine and Forbes ASAP. His speeches are as dynamic as his chess. Groups of all descriptions invited him to talk on Chess, The Deep Blue matches, Computing in Chess, Internet and Chess, Artificial Intelligence, and Russia, It's Politics and Business.

As in everything he does, Garry is both thoughtful and articulate and is a powerful imaging tool for corporations. He has endorsed Schwepps, Titus, Audermars Piguet and Saitek, to name a few.


Garry does a great deal of Charity work. From Israel to London to New York City, he plays Charity Simuls and he has his own Foundation which is bringing Chess into the classroom.

Kasparov Activities

Garry Kasparov's #1 activity is still playing chess. For example:

The World Chess Championship
Major Chess Tournaments - Classical, Rapid and Blitz
Computer Challenges
Man &amp; Machine vs. Man &amp; Machine
The Olympiad and the World Team Cup
The Grand Prix
Russia vs. The Rest of the World
Simuls all around the world. For corporate entertainment, Chess Clubs or charities, these range between 15 to 120 opponents, played simultaneously.

Kasparov versus the National Olympic Chess Team of four to six players, played simultaneously is a Kasparov specialty.

Apart from his match against Deep Blue, Kasparov has always been at the cutting edge of innovations in chess. For four months, he battled THE WORLD in a Microsoft sponsored event which opened new frontiers for chess.

Kasparov has played serious Internet Chess Tournaments. On the lighter side, he even played Boris Becker "live" on CNN for one hour. Garry was in Manhattan and Boris was in Munich.

He is a regular on TV talk shows.

He enjoys popularity on TV Commercials. He has made half a dozen ads in three countries and his Pepsi ad, shown during the Superbowl, was nominated for an Oscar.

He is a frequent keynote speaker with choice of subjects ranging from Russian Politics Today to the Middle East, World History and Computers.

He is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

He publishes approximately one Kasparov book per annum.

His commercial interests involve him in product launches and promotions.

He is heavily involved in all aspects of a web-site which bears his name - KCO

He seems to average a documentary every few years. He is a co-producer of the new World Chess Rating (WCR). He is the Founder of the World Schools Chess Championships and finds the time to support his own charities in additional to supporting the Mentor Foundation.

Linares 2002

In March 2002, Garry Kasparov won the Linares Super Tournament for the eighth time in thirteen years (90, 92, 93, 97, 99, 2000, 2001 and 2002). Often dubbed "The Wimbledon of Chess", Kasparov won by a 1.5 point margin, defeating Ponomariov and Shirov on the last two days.

Winning Linares for four straight years was one thing, but even more spectacular was that this win made it ten super-tournament victories in a row for the world's number one. The scoreboard: Linares 4, Wijk aan Zee 3, Sarajevo 2 and Astana 1.

An excerpt from "My Love of Chess" by Garry Kasparov.

"My father's parents had great hopes for me going to music school. My father's father was a composer and operatic director of the Baku Philharmonic Society; his mother was a music teacher. They believed that everyone should have a musical education. It did not matter that I had no ear for music. "The most important thing is a sense of rhythm," my grandmother would say. "It was the same with Leonid: his musical talents only began to develop when he was eleven."

My Uncle Leonid, my father's younger brother, was a composer of some renown and an honored artist of Azerbaijan. He has written three operas, six symphonies, numerous chamber and vocal works, and film music. But my father was categorically against my studying music. "The boy has a fine analytical brain," he said. "He shall study chess, not music!" Such was the way of parental authority in Baku 30 years ago.

My passion for chess started when I was six in Baku, Azerbaijan, where I was born to a Jewish father and an Armenian mother. My father, Kim Moiseyevich Weinstein, and my mother, Klara Shagenovna Kasparova, were both engineers, and were my early inspirations. My father's untimely death when I was six left my mother to continue the lessons my father had begun. From her I learned to love the game that has become my passion and my livelihood. My parents knew that chess and music abilities, like so many other skills, are best developed at an early age. And if conditions are created for the development of these abilities, children's unrestrained fantasy and imagination can bring one's soul to such a harmonious world that will present humanity with many brilliant masterpieces of art. That is why Mozart composed music at the age of four, and Reshevsky gave his first chess simul when he was five. Sometimes I think that, like them, my art chose me.

In my childhood, chess was just something I found to be fun. I fell in love with chess, and, as in any relationship, the more you love it, the harder you work at it. By the time I was nine all that work began to pay off in competition, and at the age of 12, I became the Soviet Junior Champion."

01-27-2003, 10:20 AM
Kasparov opened with the Queens Gambit which Junior acccepted on move 7.
Deep Junior sacrificed a Rook for a Knight on move 17 with the chance to take an additional pawn but then it didn't take it. This whole thing looked like a mistake to me.
Up two material points, Kasparov traded Queens, and Deep Junior resigned on move 27.

I am wearing my Internet Chess Club T-Shirt today.

Harold Acosta
01-27-2003, 03:41 PM
Good for Kasparov, but we will still have to wait and see.

Deep Junior is capable of processing only 3 million moves per second vs Deep Blue that could process 200 million moves. There is a possibility of some flaw in its program or the game could be umm, uhh, ahh, "rigged-up"?? /ccboard/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

Thanks for the info anyway!

Harold ~ hasn't play chess in a long, long, time and probably Chessmaster could be the crap out of me today!

01-28-2003, 04:44 PM
I just tuned in live to the Internet Chess Club (ICC, www.chessclub.com (http://www.chessclub.com)) coverage of Game 2 of the Kasparov-Deep Junior tournament where over 1300 other chess players were observing and "kibitzing" or "whispering" to each other in thoughtful commentary of the game as they observed it unfold.

What erudite commentary. Here are some comments from right off the screen. It's long but you can just skim it. I thought it was pretty funny, but maybe you had to be there. (IM=International Master, GM=Grandmaster)

--- Game 3: *Deep_Junior(C) vs *Kasparov(GM) ---

LittlePeasant(IM) kibitzes: the best is Costa Rican beer
Galfanov whispers: Root beer sucks
Staunton kibitzes: isn't it the d4 sq he's thinking about?
SultanofSwing kibitzes: beer is only good with warm vodka
kowsparov kibitzes: hiarcs gives Bxa3 [Hirarcs is a chess computer program used to evaluate a position]
Kingway(IM) kibitzes: I think Kasparov would rather be talking about beer too, it's just that how well he does in this match determines how many truckloads of beer he can buy.
nuclear82 kibitzes: yes c5 is the concern here
Datwinnik kibitzes: belgian beers rule bigtime dudes
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: any vodka is good

LittlePeasant(IM) kibitzes: You guys need some real beer from here
asimov13 kibitzes: bourbon is best
NeedsBoon whispers: warm vodka?? nothing is good with WARM vodka /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
KKKKK kibitzes: the c5 square is the reason for a5-a4.
Whitecloak kibitzes: Beer and chess go together. Pono:" I want mini-bar!"
caleconique kibitzes: Isn't there a beer channel on ICC?

Kings-dare kibitzes: arabian beer? fermented camel and goat milk combo!
Slings kibitzes: palm is the best beer
PVSousa kibitzes: a4
HymenPreeze whispers: kaspy is half armenian
KKKKK kibitzes: white is threatening c5 here, so a4 now.
lilred kibitzes: nice sicilian

Cld kibitzes: DF7 gives 0.00 [DF is Deep Fritz, a computer program. ed.]
cholula kibitzes: maybe kasparov lost his bishop on a7. Hey Gary look on a7 there is a bishop and play Bxe3
Staunton kibitzes: this IS the beer channel. Kaspy and DJ simply barged in...
X-Engine(C) whispers: Crafty: [15] +0.15 13. ... a4 14. Bxa7 Rxa7 15. Na1 a3 16. b3 b6 17. Nc2 f5 18. Qh5 Be6 19. f3 Bf7 20. Qh3 Nxd5 21. cxd5 fxe4 22. Bxe4 [Crafty is another chess program, here being used to predict play and evaluate the advantage of it. Ed.]

Galfanov whispers: kaspi is an et
pille(C) whispers: as I was in London I drunk a Guinness on the airport

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: Man, if only we (as chessplayers) could get some beer companies to sponser chess seriously. Now that would be sweet.
Musti kibitzes: What's he thinking?
eew kibitzes: Bd7 ?
fbx whispers: is f5 a terrible move?
SultanofSwing kibitzes: beer, warm vodka, and line dancing
Spielkind kibitzes: Where is the beef ?
cholula kibitzes: Guinness made me sick. it was toooooo strong.

KKKKK kibitzes: no f5 is a normal move, but its bad here.
Ferret(C) kibitzes: beer company sponsorship would be very good for chess
HymenPreeze whispers: kaspys mother was petrossian
kowsparov kibitzes: bxa3
alfonzzzzzzini kibitzes: hes from azerbajian from BAZU (the capital)
senorblanco kibitzes: guinness: beer that you can eat with a fork.
Malesonan kibitzes: it's like drinkin motor oil, cholula
StephaneD kibitzes: Could we have an assessment of the player's plans once we've assessed all the beers in the world?

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: I still have fond memories of when Paul Masson sponsered a tournement where the games were played outdoors at the winery.
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: Anyone know how many people are watching this right now??
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: oh wait, 1328 people lol
narog kibitzes: I am very impressed with the titled player's observations....so deep with their analysis
Ferret(C) kibitzes: set kib 2 will not get rid of the beer, since it is the titled players are talking about it :-)
dagu whispers: I'd love to see a5-a4

JuanManuel whispers: chess is not a popular game couse the average guy is too stupid to even enjoy it
Globular kibitzes: Juan, I know lots of stupid chessplayers ;-)
butte kibitzes: actually chess IS a popular game
PaleFire kibitzes: moonspell - just goes to show, being good at chess doesn't mean you're not a moron
NaughtyKnight kibitzes: Any Cider fans out there??
Malesonan kibitzes: Cider House Rules!
Crex912 whispers: a4 Bxe3 Nd4
HymenPreeze whispers: Hey GM Sweere this match needs some Italian Hurdy Gurdy music

Spielkind kibitzes: ... Rfxd8
NaughtyKnight kibitzes: :-) I like a pint of strongbow
Galfanov whispers: This Chess game was brought to yo by Budweiser, and they could use some chicks too

Morrowind kibitzes: I played at one Paul Masson tournament. That was great, but, when he died, the stupid family stopped them!!
Morrowind kibitzes: Beautiful view of san Jose from the winery (Paul Masson)
Kingway(IM) kibitzes: I won the first Paul Masson tournament, I think I was one of the few who didn't sample the wares until after the tournament. Don't know now if that was clever ... or not.
senorblanco kibitzes: true pale beer.

Sweere(GM) kibitzes: after ...a5 taking on d5 is less attractive
kowsparov kibitzes: Hiarcs sees white with only tiny edge now

revival kibitzes: stop pissing and let Kaspy concentrate for once:)
stratik kibitzes: a4 best
ical whispers: Gk seems to have equalised, time for a Duff?
tommelom whispers: snakebite- beer with strong cider.
NaughtyKnight kibitzes: Ahhh yea, Snakebite, illegal in parts of the UK!
guitarmand whispers: i dont think Kasparov has played a good game
Malesonan kibitzes: mmmmmmmmmmm Duff Gardens, HURRAH!

pille(C) whispers: nice is Pils from Pilsen/Tschechien
mirrorman kibitzes: kaspy is thinking about beer
StrangeBrew kibitzes: Homer Simpson: Don't think about beer. Don't think about beer.
kowsparov kibitzes: what about if Bxe3, fxe3?
Vinsanity kibitzes: kasparov is moving nowhere
cholula kibitzes: fritz8 depth 13 13...Bxe3 is -0.06 favors black haha
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: I think Nd5 cd5 gives White a chance to control the c-file as the a-pawn requires attention
kowsparov kibitzes: keeps N out of d4

pille(C) whispers: Kaspy want a beer after he got told of ICC chat /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Ferret(C) kibitzes: be3 fe3 seems kind of goofy since re1
WShreiba kibitzes: i like Ng6
caleconique kibitzes: Maybe around move 20 black will move the light bishop
Cambridge kibitzes: Jewish sportsmen, hmm.
habu kibitzes: cambridge , ever hear about a guy called Sandy Kofax?
Knallo kibitzes: Koufax
Cambridge kibitzes: Hank Greenberg
Staunton kibitzes: Koufax, one of the best, in every which way
Morrowind kibitzes: Koufax: Left handed sissy pitcher?!
WShreiba kibitzes: open the queen and grabs some squares on the kingside
buzdovan kibitzes: black has to prevent p c5
Terrell5 kibitzes: whats better? fritz8 or chessmaster 9000
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: fritz8 by far

Sweere(GM) kibitzes: I no longer like ...a5
HymenPreeze whispers: dont forget the jewish bomber ken somebody
Cambridge kibitzes: Ernie Grunfeld, Ken Holtzman
Ferret(C) kibitzes: Moe Berg

WShreiba kibitzes: how is ng6 here?
Grunfeld kibitzes: who do the GM think looks better here. k or dj?
grobmaniac kibitzes: What else (CDs) is available at your place GM Sweere?
Whitecloak kibitzes: Sweere, will you have a chapter on beer in your next book?

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: a4 is very double-edged, I wonder if it's safer to just exchange bishops. After all, Gary is already up a game and really doesn't need to push. Pushing is what got Kramnik in trouble after a great start in his match with Fritz.
zugswanger kibitzes: a4

JerryButler whispers: Too bad that after Fischer all chess knowledge in America has been Russian
buzdovan kibitzes: so a4 then Bd4
NaughtyKnight kibitzes: I have drink some of my most enjoyable pints OTB in time trouble!
HymenPreeze whispers: no it was something like ken rothstein or something. boxer 70's
habu kibitzes: I bet nobody knows Kenny Bernstein here
NeedsBoon whispers: kenny bernstein is a race car driver
HymenPreeze whispers: Ill take famous kens for 1000
Kings-dare kibitzes: Nd2
The-Aesthet kibitzes: kaspy is really pushing
buzdovan kibitzes: Ra7

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: Gary is being true to himself this match. No wimping out!!
Kings-dare kibitzes: Rxa7Nd2
StrangeBrew kibitzes: Give White's Queen a few beers so she'll wobble off the board.
Cambridge kibitzes: Hank Greenberg hit 56 home runs in a season, I believe
Shredder7(C) kibitzes: Shredder 7 15 depth +0,17
HymenPreeze whispers: computer running on 6 processors now
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: Nd2 surrenders d4
habu kibitzes: Needsboon is da man! slav you are thinking of Benstein the composer
HymenPreeze whispers: Sean green of dodgers is Jewish
caleconique kibitzes: doesn't na1 also allow nd4?
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: 15.Na1 (intending Nc2)
HangerOn(C) kibitzes: Nd2 then nd4

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: Now black is getting control of d4, but white's game is looking more co-ordinated.
Kings-dare kibitzes: white should bring both knights to Kside like sunday's game. /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif
JerryButler whispers: Americans are good at hosting chess events,not winning them
coysteve kibitzes: Na1 a3
lilred kibitzes: juniour is jewish orthodox
ical whispers: Na1 = Fritz
QUEBECinc kibitzes: i didnt get rxb instead of pxknights wiining a pawn?
Zappa(C) kibitzes: why not just Nd2 Be6?

Moonspell(IM) whispers: Kasparow will win easily
efc1985 kibitzes: does george bush play chess?
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: So, does deep junior think that Kaspy's a-pawn is going to be weak?
Zappa(C) kibitzes: black should be able to get a good N v bad B situatino
habu kibitzes: +well none of those jewish guys beat kofax, he threw a baseball like a missile, batters were really afraid if he lost control they didn't wear swat protection like today's batters
StrangeBrew kibitzes: that knight is beginning to look like a bottle of...... glue.
cholula kibitzes: fritz8 depth 13 Na1 but Nd2 almost the same
The-Aesthet kibitzes: what up with all the jewish talk?

HymenPreeze whispers: when G bush plays chess if hes losing he bombs his opponent
AntoniusBlock whispers: Na1-c2?
coysteve kibitzes: a3 is more fun
SlavMonster kibitzes: All this fuss over a draw

Slings kibitzes: stop talking a bout jews, talk about beer
Moonspell(IM) whispers: JEWISH talk is important everyone should know who is JUDE
rnnn kibitzes: because if ab instead of ra7, then Bb6 zwischenzug +0
Staunton kibitzes: Re1 was White's passive mistake, fr the last time, Be3 was better
habu kibitzes: somebody metioned jewish athletes, seeing that Kaspy is a half Jew
Galfanov whispers: nd2
efc1985 kibitzes: george bush probably plays battleship or toy soldiers
zugswanger kibitzes: Nd2 ...Nd4 followed by N7c6
IgnorantSage kibitzes: At this pace GK will get into time trouble and lose.
Super-Geek kibitzes: jews make great beer
Absolute kibitzes: Kaspy is only half jewish, isn't he?
HymenPreeze whispers: This just in: Kasparov is offering 2 checkel simul on ICC right now
Slings kibitzes: a HALF jew? wow
Ferret(C) kibitzes: i don't like carlson beer
Utopia kibitzes: i like carlsberg from denmark,newcastle brown is also good beer

QUEBECinc kibitzes: bxa7 was terrible
lilred kibitzes: garrys russian not jewish
senorblanco kibitzes: Maccabi beer.
Ferret(C) kibitzes: that is the only beer i drank in israel
schimpf kibitzes: if na1 a3 b3 nd5 cd nb4 bb1 and nc2 next, w seems ok

The-Aesthet kibitzes: Tiger 15.0: +0.32, d=13, Na1
Super-Geek kibitzes: you can be both jewish and russian
Borderline kibitzes: garry isnt jewish
caleconique kibitzes: as though you can't be russian and jewish??
yani549(C) kibitzes: 14...Na1(?)
twirth whispers: goldstar is good israeli beer
butte kibitzes: he's armenian and jewish
Super-Geek kibitzes: in fact you can "convert" to judaism
Champatan kibitzes: he is not Kasparov, his real mane is Weinstein, everybody knows that
forku2 kibitzes: 15.Na1 Ng6 16.Qd2 Be6 17.Nc2 Nf4 18.Nxf4 exf4 +0.22 d=14 Tiger Gambit III (0:03.44)
maggie kibitzes: Some of my best friends are Jewish.
Utopia kibitzes: heineken from holland,good beer!

starwarsfan kibitzes: d4 square very weak
HymenPreeze whispers: Hes not russian hes from Azerbaijan
zugswanger kibitzes: Gary controls d4!
MBlackMagicO kibitzes: a russian could also be jewish
good2go kibitzes: beer is piss water drink wine!
senorblanco kibitzes: There are lots of russian jews.
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: no, he's from azerbaijan or however you spell it, not armenian
Slings kibitzes: wine sucks
Super-Geek kibitzes: wine is gross
ical whispers: Is DJ an atheist or an agnostic?
HymenPreeze whispers: His mother is armenian
Staunton kibitzes: and a preponderance of great chessplayers have been jewish
Borderline kibitzes: there are over 200,000 russian jews
butte kibitzes: ethnically he's half armenian

Whitecloak kibitzes: Anyone can be Jewish--even Fischer...
Malesonan kibitzes: agnostic, based on what I'm seeing
mirrorman kibitzes: my great-grandfather was jewish
HymenPreeze whispers: dont tell fisher that
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: why is it taking Deep Junior to play a somewhat obvious move?
QUEBECinc kibitzes: garry is not controlling d4!!!!!is controlling all the black squares lol:)bxa7 wasn t good for white thats for sure:)
caleconique kibitzes: chessmaster flex is not too bright
Game 3: Dave-3 moves: Nd2

GuessTheMove(C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 15.Nd2: Malesonan dagu Galfanov zugswanger (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)
lilred kibitzes: there are lots of chinese jews
Megasalud kibitzes: pls. religion chan number is 103...
wateroffire kibitzes: hi is a Kasparian and so he is a christ
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: Fischer is prolly 100% Jewish it appears
SlavMonster kibitzes: I was first to say Fischer today
griskov kibitzes: I heard GW bush is satanist is that true?
GDEX whispers: is george bush muslim????? no way!
Malesonan kibitzes: no he's just from Texas
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: hmmm... Nd2 doesn't look so good...
The-Aesthet kibitzes: i don't see how white has any advantage now
HeavyMetal kibitzes: nd2 against all other computer predictions !

Super-Geek kibitzes: sammy davis junior was a jew -I wonder if he's related to deep junior
GambitX kibitzes: hmm, black may have an edge now
ZeroesEdge kibitzes: why not kb5?
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: Not that we should hold that against him /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
notyetagm kibitzes: We have a GREAT chess game here. Historical.
senorblanco kibitzes: Fischer is out to get himself.

TheJokerMan kibitzes: What's the best beer in Israel?
Slings kibitzes: if jewish is a religion, then how can someone be a HALF jew?
FOURPAWNSDOWN kibitzes: i am disappointed by dj already after 14 moves black is at least equal
revival kibitzes: f5
HymenPreeze whispers: this computer sucks
bad-mojo kibitzes: jewish is an ethnicity, too
Kings-dare kibitzes: f5

Staunton kibitzes: chinese jews wld be scary: they wld be absolutely the smartest people in the world
lilred kibitzes: bobby fischer is cheering for kasp
efc1985 kibitzes: does god exist
Borderline kibitzes: there is no such thing as a half jew
caleconique kibitzes: jewish is more than just a religion
volandd whispers: Jesus also was JEwish so am I and so is Garry /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Prince-Xizor kibitzes: wonders if this is similar to some vars of the English where white tolerates a black knight on d4 because it really isn't doing anything and his knight on d5 is more active...
Slings kibitzes: they drink too much beer

Super-Geek kibitzes: what hardware is deep J running?
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: Yes, you can be half jewish
mullet kibitzes: is there anything wrong with b6??
The-Aesthet kibitzes: there have been Chinese Jews for 1500 years
zugswanger kibitzes: Nd4, Nf3 N7c6
GDEX whispers: Jesus love Jewish everytime
DARKSTEED kibitzes: People remember black IS KARPAROV expect black to gain an equal position JESUS!
Malesonan kibitzes: agnostics are wusses...they don't have the nerve to pick a side
Shredder7(C) kibitzes: 8X 1.6 ghz

SamBeckett kibitzes: russian jews love beer!!
StrangeBrew kibitzes: Talk Beer, not religon.
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: Hey, beer is nasty, and chess is great!
coysteve kibitzes: chekc out nb5
GURILA whispers: f5

SwE-dv kibitzes: perhaps the D-J.r team will play a prank on kaspy like the fritz team did on kramni ( when fritz receited shakespeare during one game), perhaps D-J.r will read appropriate chapters from the kabbala ?
senorblanco kibitzes: lol, volandd, I like how you put yourself smack in between gary and jesus
Borderline kibitzes: how can there be a half-jew, jayhawk?
ZeroesEdge kibitzes: talk cannabis
TheImpaler kibitzes: Now Nf3?
SlavMonster kibitzes: How can they eat sweet and sour pork then?
caleconique kibitzes: speaking of smacks, I think someone needs a smackdown
butte kibitzes: Nf3 Bg4
IdleKilla kibitzes: if Nf3 then Nec6
xXGeniusXx(C) whispers: not nf3

Crunchy whispers: what's the plan here???...is b5 denied???..this is a wacked out sicilian
DARKSTEED kibitzes: Tell chessfm tony, ok now my plan of QH5 is a GOOD plan!!
ical whispers: Qh5 Fritz
kani-kaninchen kibitzes: Night on d4 looks great
Merick(IM) whispers: Nb1 and Nc3
GambitX kibitzes: after NxN PxN Qb6 Black has some pressure
SlavMonster kibitzes: I am a comp
Utopia kibitzes: i believe jesus,im a member of the state-church!
Kalindros kibitzes: I'd vote black is better here..
pille(C) whispers: Qh5 ........
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: God could win this

caleconique kibitzes: nd4 is hot, hot , hot
Tiree1 kibitzes: Jews are the best chess players, that is a fact
The-Aesthet kibitzes: so far Tiger likes Nc3
Tiree1 kibitzes: LaszloO kibitzes: Nxe7+
Kalindros kibitzes: Black seems much more organized.. pieces are more cohesive.
IdleKilla kibitzes: the d-file is pretty crowded now...
ical whispers: = Fritz
Rio kibitzes: kaspy's a-pawn antics payed off
kani-kaninchen kibitzes: exchange Bc8 for Night. Nd4 is much better then Bd3

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: I like c5 here.
Slings kibitzes: black needs to fully mobilize his army
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: I just want to say Simon and Garfunkle are great musicians. Go Mrs. Robinson
Nadog kibitzes: winner is who has his pieces first on d-file
JerryButler whispers: Kasparov changed his name (Weinstein originally) because he was shamed about his origins
Super-Geek kibitzes: where's the best place to store your pieces???? the D file
wateroffire kibitzes: the d-file looks good
Kalindros kibitzes: black has possible f5, possible play on the a file, or c file.. while I don't see much of anything for white to target.

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: but it's only equal
senorblanco kibitzes: Simon is, I'm not so sure about Garfunkle...
MoltenThinker kibitzes: my computer thinks this is evil
pille(C) whispers: personally I like c5
eew kibitzes: Kf1?
StrangeBrew kibitzes: Make Beer, not War.
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: Yeah, but Garfunkle has great hair!
twirth whispers: why c5?
HymenPreeze whispers: DJ is playing the Simon Garfunkle variation
The-Aesthet kibitzes: i really like h3 for white

Sweere(GM) kibitzes: Actually, for the first time in my life I care about the State of the Union address - I am scared
mullet kibitzes: kf1 sucks!!!
CrunchyFrog kibitzes: maybe Ne7:+ (otherwise black plays Nec6 exchanges a knight and plays Be6xd5)
eew kibitzes: sorry Nf1 I meant
caleconique kibitzes: make beer, not war...steiner
asimov13 kibitzes: Drink beer and then make War
GDEX whispers: War is not religions by Bush
Slings kibitzes: this world needs more beer
wateroffire kibitzes: you fool he was a child when his father died and went with his mother to the grandparents and had to take their name
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: Kaspy seems to be trying to further bury the White Bishop before activation his good one
TopicM whispers: Qh5

Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: Drink Beer then play chess! And through a little Paul Simon on for fun
volandd whispers: drink beer and win war
buzdovan kibitzes: b4
BelfastChild kibitzes: Why are you scared Alex?
MoltenThinker kibitzes: this looks like blunder says my computer
senorblanco kibitzes: hymen: i am too. and yes, he is.
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: let's stage an antiwar rally here
asimov13 kibitzes: Drink beer than drink another

The-Aesthet kibitzes: the rich pay all the taxes so how can he give a tax cut to the poor?
lillemester kibitzes: Rc3 is better
mullet kibitzes: b4 looks interesting...
pille(C) whispers: no alcohol/no sex/no sport before team games!
TigranJunior kibitzes: Meet in New York on Feb. 15th to demonstrate against war.
MoltenThinker kibitzes: what about b3xd4 a7xd4 e3xd4 e5xd4 Qh5 Be6 h3
EmptyGraves kibitzes: Should white play Re3 and Rc3?

mikepov kibitzes: maybe Nxé7 followed by Nb1
aralaiso whispers: Rc3 is strange ...
eew kibitzes: Nf1-Ne3

lifemasteraj whispers: Getting closer to the endgame I was talking about
Kings-dare kibitzes: Nf1
asimov13 kibitzes: I was wondering when God was going to show up here
good2go kibitzes: it should go to wine.
GDEX whispers: US will coming new Jewish President maybe 2004 or 2008

AlexCCf4 kibitzes: i wonder if the u.s. government is going to try to censor anti-war sentiments
CastleLord kibitzes: Drink beer, play chess, loser gets the next pitcher
Ferret(C) kibitzes: nobody is winning here
TigranJunior kibitzes: We need 500,000 people to show up.
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: In America, what is the state of the union? Is it good, fair, or poor?
TheImpaler kibitzes: war might be over by Feb. 15
FromEarth kibitzes: i am here my son
kowsparov kibitzes: roughly equal Maggie
TheBigLebowski kibitzes: when will be the "big" speech today (est)?

HymenPreeze whispers: our culture is bankrupt
volandd whispers: asimov: He was here...
rangerbob kibitzes: tell the Carthaginians that war is an engine of progress, or the Veneti who Caesar destroyed.

Musti kibitzes: Ne3
HymenPreeze whispers: our best chessplayers are foreigners
manors whispers: Qh5
StrangeBrew kibitzes: HIARCS Qh5 = +0.17

Shredder7(C) whispers: draw in 16 moves
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: where chess would be without the russian jews and beer
weenz kibitzes: qh5
lilred kibitzes: is bobby [Fischer Ed.] watching the game?
HymenPreeze whispers: and our basketball teams get beaten by Argentina
JDoss(*) kibitzes: Political comments, are getting muzzled
wateroffire kibitzes: what was the opening and when did they came out of the book?
Music-Jayhawk kibitzes: It's 5.oo eastern
AbouTheCat kibitzes: i am impressed at the mention of the veneti, who were defeated in quiberon harbor in 56 B.C.
DaneelOlivaw kibitzes: listen to the admin!
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: .these are two things that keep chess going
pille(C) whispers: Junior7 =0.17 d=17
Super-Geek kibitzes: wine is fine but war is quicker

POTZY(*) kibitzes: Warning on the off-topic kibs.....
IWin(C) kibitzes: qh5 played
SamBeckett kibitzes: do russian jews drink beer while playing chess during a war with iraq that was UN sanctioned by pressure from Bush!??
Game 3: Zek moves: Qh5
GDEX whispers: right chess nerd

GuessTheMove(C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 16.Qh5: budz ical kowsparov pille guest1471 TopicM Alarm Morrowind (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)
revival kibitzes: State of Union? smacks of Kamasutra!
asimov13 kibitzes: Bobby is wearing aluminum foil on his head to prevent the aliens from reading his mind
chessmasterflex kibitzes: HES ATTAKIN
Tiree1 kibitzes: oooooo potzy the muppet.!

Sweere(GM) kibitzes: I drink to Tigran
Utopia kibitzes: kasparov had a russian and israel flagg at a picture from usa,why not a flagg from asjerbadjan?
Ferret(C) kibitzes: nothing like an unsupported attacking move
coysteve kibitzes: ng6
JHains2 kibitzes: silence all the politickers
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: Qh5 is a Bushlike move

Cowboystiefel(FM) whispers: refute it
aWinsaWin whispers: Re3, h3 and mate!
manors whispers: i didnt guess - i saw it at the Chessbase site!!!
Malesonan kibitzes: someone's desperate for counterplay
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: Tigran, now there was a great defender!
ysageev kibitzes: That was unexpected
JKelsey kibitzes: Is the computer playing any stronger today? Just got home.
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: I agree with both JDoss AND Potsy, as well as Brain-Dead and cvu777 who agree with Jdoss.
revival kibitzes: g6

randomo(FM) kibitzes: Oh no, please don't checkmate me, kind machine!
Kalindros kibitzes: omg.. qh5???????
universalstar kibitzes: after this I bet Garry buys Junior a beer..
lilred kibitzes: the jewish people always turn the other cheek when slapped
Utopia kibitzes: is kasparov born in asjerbadjan or israel?
goforbucs kibitzes: now f4 then e5

SlavMonster kibitzes: I agree with me
Venshy kibitzes: Sweere(GM) kibitzes: Qh5 is a Bushlike move --- I hope Garry won't pull a saddam here
gamlinginn whispers: ... an extension of politics by other means ... use that instead ;-)

Kingway(IM) kibitzes: To the program this isn't an attacking move (in the sense of a possible king hunt), but more of a space gaining move.
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: both
Xhabu kibitzes: slav you couldn't be more right if you were me!!!
Volkov(GM) kibitzes: hi
Slings kibitzes: lo
lilred kibitzes: hi
knightrunner kibitzes: what is "bush-like move"? whats the ref to pres Bush about?
TigranJunior kibitzes: We should not go kill a lot of innocent people for OIL.

Ferret(C) kibitzes: this will get moving a little bit now i bet.
HymenPreeze whispers: set kib to 2 to hear GM Sweere talk about beer
revival kibitzes: whites pieces look clumsy!
zugswanger kibitzes: a3!!
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: the idea is to play Nf3 without Bg4 in response
kowsparov kibitzes: Hiarcs +dead equal
Super-Geek kibitzes: People bush does'nt play chess. His game is checkers or tic tac toe

Volkov(GM) kibitzes: Kasparov had normal position
Malesonan kibitzes: hey volkov I'm interested in paying to play you
LittlePeasant(IM) kibitzes: muy buen pregunta
GambitX kibitzes: this is why it's not good to take too long in the beginning, now the position is getting a bit more complicated than he expected
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: I guess I've been watching too many Shirov games, but Deep Blue's last few moves don't make much sense to me

Ferret(C) kibitzes: either that or the idea is to mate black with a queen
Greco kibitzes: already drinking beer
wateroffire kibitzes: maybe the comp will play Nf6?
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: I have way too much respect for checkers to agree with you
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: tic-tac-toe too
schimpf kibitzes: everything depends on whether b6 is quite good or quite bad.
FromEarth kibitzes: you are all censored for life!
leedo whispers: bd7
pille(C) whispers: Volkow arnt your positions away of normal?
PinklyTaurus kibitzes: What is Qh5 all about, and will White's be able to activate his Bishop ?

lilred kibitzes: where is chechnya
JerryButler whispers: Americans are good for hosting things &amp; setting up wars but bad at chess
SevenDevils whispers: b6
GDEX whispers: if no NxN that big brain!
JDoss(*) kibitzes: I am muzzling any political commentary I see, along with Lasker /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
The-Aesthet kibitzes: I wanna invade Canada
Ferret(C) kibitzes: sweere is going to get muzzled
Sweere(GM) kibitzes: WE'll know where Chechnya is when Bush nukes it
knightrunner kibitzes: lay off my Pres ok?
FromEarth kibitzes: can we talk about FISCHER Jdoss?
tjdjl(C) kibitzes: Please don't muzzle Lasker
Ferret(C) kibitzes: that will be interesting -- the commentator getting muzzled.
asimov13 kibitzes: Chess is war

Crunchy whispers: Be6 opening possibilities????
YaMar whispers: topic chess goes well with beer
eew kibitzes: Ng6 ?
Achill kibitzes: what about...Ne7:d5 and ...f5?
JDoss(*) kibitzes: no earth /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif, and darn you for saying that /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Kalindros kibitzes: People should talk about sex and alcohol and drugs and even chess.. not politics. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
StandardFool whispers: did you cenosr Sweere, JDoss?
Crunchy whispers: thought Ng6 also..................!?
lilred kibitzes: fischers watching this
eew kibitzes: Ng6 (idea to go Nf4)
buzdovan kibitzes: Ng6 prevents F4 ... then Qh4!
Super-Geek kibitzes: f5 is interesting but risky

Napalm33 whispers: I think Nf1 was better for white.
OzsO(C) kibitzes: black up .04
LaszloO kibitzes: agree achill Nxd5 exd5 f5
Breasky kibitzes: God bless america !.....The promised land /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Malesonan kibitzes: you muzzled a GM?
zugswanger kibitzes: Anyone want to talk chess?

01-28-2003, 05:17 PM
Thank God for Copy and Paste huh Tom! lol

Harold Acosta
01-28-2003, 11:06 PM
Kasparov 1 1/2 points, Deep Junior 1/2 point. Today's game resulted in a draw (1/2 point to each). Thursday's the next scheduled game.

More info at:


01-31-2003, 09:37 AM
Kasparov lost yesterdays game and the match is tied 1 1/2 pts a piece.


Harold Acosta
02-01-2003, 11:16 AM
Some pictures are worth a thousand words!


02-01-2003, 12:32 PM
And from that picture Harold, it looks like GK only just made his first move. Talk about concentration ...Lol. -Tom

02-04-2003, 09:50 PM
Game four on Sunday was a draw. The score is tied: 2.0-2.0. Next game is Wednesday at 1530EST.

02-05-2003, 03:27 PM
In game five, Kasparov opened with his usual d4. In a stunning development, Deep Junior sent the chess world into Deep Shock when it sacrificed a Bishop on h2 after white castled kingside. DJ followed that up with a Knight and Queen attack that has the white King scurrying to g3 and f3. The initial reaction from most pundits is that Kasparov just earned an extra hundred large. Strangly, GK has taken about twenty minutes already thinking about his next move. He might be considering Ng3 which would likely force a draw. The computer is down 2 material points but has proved resilient in the previous games of this tournament.

Another shocker. Kasparov checks on h7 with his Bishop, returning the sacrifice. Kasparov seems timid about pulling the trigger on some tactical positions. B x h7 may leave GK with a slight advantage or lead to a draw, but Ng3 would have been a better way to do that. Kasparov has to face Deep Junior in the last game on Friday with DJ getting white. Deep Junior went for the draw with perpetual check. Game over on move 19 at 5:10pm. Kasparov seems to have lost his nerve, and be pursuing a draw to this match. After his loss to Deep Blue, is he suffering from nightmares of having computers chase him? Perhaps he can't handle the idea of potentially losing to a computer a second time.

Harold Acosta
02-06-2003, 06:58 PM
Garry Kasparov, the world’s top-rated chess player, and computer opponent Deep Junior tied the fifth game of their Man vs. Machine series Wednesday, playing just 19 moves.

THE SIX-GAME series remains tied at 2½ games a piece. The final game of the match — which could end in a draw — is set for Friday.

In the 10th move of the game, the Israeli-programmed Deep Junior sacrificed, or exposed, its bishop to Kasparov’s king to draw the piece into a vulnerable position.

The king was then repeatedly attacked by Deep Junior’s knight, which is slightly more powerful than the bishop, putting the king in check. The repetition of moves forced a draw in nine more moves.

“I didn’t feel comfortable at all,” Kasparov said.

Experts watching the game said Kasparov was forced into a no-way-out situation and none of Kasparov’s other pieces could help him.

“In order to defend, Kasparov had to go through quite a few confrontations,” said John Fernandez, a chess consultant for X3D Technologies, a sponsor of the match. “If there was a win, it’s very, very difficult to find.”

Deep Junior is a three-time computer world champion and won the last official world chess championship for computers in July.

Kasparov also was tied with one game to go in his 1997 match against IBM supercomputer Deep Blue. He lost the last game and the match.

02-07-2003, 08:23 AM
Last game today.

My prediction: draw.
2nd choice: DJ wins. Kaspy has less than an even chance of winning with black, but I think he'll hold a draw.

Harold Acosta
02-08-2003, 10:53 AM
Your prediction was right on the money. Kasparov offered a draw on move 23, Deep Junior rejected the offer, only to offer a draw to Kasparov 5 moves later. It seems that Kasparov saw it coming. He definitely is a genius!

Chris Cass
02-08-2003, 04:23 PM
Hi Harold,

I loved his answer to the reasoning behind the draw move. I especially liked the way he made the two anouncers look stupid in the end. G.K. definitely, expressed what the difference between humans and machines were. We have memories and the computer has an agenda.


C.C.~~extrememly impressed with G.K.

02-08-2003, 04:51 PM
Announcers?? What, is this on TV or something?? When? What channel??


Harold Acosta
02-08-2003, 05:33 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Barbara:</font><hr> Announcers?? What, is this on TV or something?? When? What channel??

Barbara <hr /></blockquote>

X3D Technologies, a computer game maker and one of the series sponsors, broadcast the games on the Internet, drawing millions of viewers to the Web sites http://www.x3dworld.com and http://www.chessbase.com. [b]The final game was shown live on ESPN2.

02-08-2003, 05:42 PM
I'm not sure which announcers Chris was referring to, Barbara. I'm sure there were several sources covering the match.

The main one I know about is www.chess.fm. (http://www.chess.fm.) It only started up a few months ago. Tony Rook (I'm not sure if that's his real name) covers major matches with an International Master (IM) or Grand Master (GM) co-commentator. I don't think you can see the board from that site though. The website is affiliated with the Internet Chess Club www.chessclub.com (http://www.chessclub.com) which I belong to and which shows a board and the moves as they happen via real time links they set up. Members can "whisper" or "kibitz" (chat) with each other on a screen attached to the board.

Normally there will be several IMs or GMs amongst the crowd, some there specially by invitation to provide commentary and some who just drop in. There are many IMs and GMs who routinely play chess on ICC.

Usually two boards are accessible for the major matches, one which is open to all for chatting which is usually a madhouse. There were over 3000 people watching on ICC at some points during this match. On the other screen only IMs and GMs can chat and everyone else can only listen.

The only time I know of that a chess match was covered on TV in the U.S. was when American Bobby Fischer played Russian Boris Spassky in the '60s at the height of the Cold War. It was a matter of much U.S. national pride for an American to be competing for the traditionaly Russian dominated World Championship. It gave chess playing in the US a real shot in the arm, similar to what the Hustler/COM movies did for pool.

If anyone thinks watching pool on TV is boring for the average viewer, imagine watching a chess match. However, for chess afficionados, watching and chatting on ICC with the audio commentary comming from www.chess.fm (http://www.chess.fm) is pretty exciting. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif


02-08-2003, 11:49 PM
Here is a prime example of how words can be used to show defeat... <blockquote><font class="small">Quote CNN website:</font><hr> "Chess Grandmaster Kasparov can't beat computer" <hr /></blockquote> Sure if you think about it, you can derive the fact that the computer could not beat Kasparov but that is not what a quick read will tell you. I think it is so completely awesome that Kasparov was able to tie the computer. That computer is able to calculate every single possible move many times faster than Kasparov yet man tied machine. Hooray for Kasparov. I know he is probably not as excited but it is still a win if you ask me.

eg8r &lt;I wish I knew more about Chess.

Harold Acosta
02-09-2003, 09:23 AM
I agree that Kasparov did a wonderful showing by tying with this computer. The computer could think 3,000 moves per second. Kasparov offered a tie which the computer rejected, and then 5 moves later the computer offered the tie back. This is where I believe that Kasparov showed his tremendous knowledge of the game. He saw the tie but the computer did not. That's the way I see it. Kasparov may not be happy but for $500,000... I for one would not care one bit!

Chess is really not that difficult, I don't know all the moves but I love the game. Chessmaster is a pretty good computer program. Try looking for it a Office Max or any of those computer stores in the US. Cost is about $10-15.

02-09-2003, 12:47 PM
Wow, $500,000 you say. I think I could swallow some pride for that. Although you are right, I am sure he was not happy.

I will have to check that game out.


Harold Acosta
02-09-2003, 04:09 PM
He would have gotten another $300,000 for beating the machine....