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01-27-2003, 11:13 PM
One valid and unbias way to consider who is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) is to compare CREDENTIALS, aka Titles Won.
Let's match up Earl (6/8/1961) vs Efren (8/26/1954) for an example.... Earl has 6 World 9-ball championships & 5 US Open 9-ball championships. Efren has 2 World 9-ball championships & 1 US Open 9-ball title. (His U.S. debut was at "Red's" 9 Ball Open in January 1985, so the excuse that Efren has not had enough time to play in America & thereby accumulate titles is not a valid one) BOTH have won nearly a 100 or so other "minor" 9 ball titles, but these are considered "Major" titles. Something else to consider...Earl is a 5 time Billiard Digest Player of the year, Efren has had that prestigious award bestowed on him ONCE, in 1995. ***So, on this basis (Major Credentials) how could someone argue that Efren is greater than Earl? On alleged money matches & gambling prowness? How could that possibly be fairly measured??? Plus, Earl has given up gambling, so does that mean he is the lesser player? Earl Strickland is, in my opinion (AND on the basis of total MAJOR Championships won) the greatest 9-ball player, ever.
***Now, something else...when speaking of these 2 as who is the greater ALL AROUND champion, on the same basis as that mentioned above, I think Efren has the better credentials.
For example, in addition to those named above, Earl has 1 World 8-ball title on his resume. But, Efren has 4 World 8-ball titles, 1 World 1 pocket championship & 1 US Open 1 pocket title. Earl IS the greatest 9 ball champion ever (in my opinion) followed by my number 2 pick, Luther Lassiter. Efren is a great all around champion, but Nick Varner has the following in his All Around Credentials...3 World 9 ball titles, 2 US Open 9-ball championships, 2 World 14.1 Championships, 2 World 8-ball championships, 2 World 1 Pocket titles & 1 World Bank Pool title. ***Nick is WORLD CHAMPION IN 5 Different pool disciplines (9-ball, 8-ball, 1 pocket, 14.1 & banks) NOBODY ELSE has EVER done THAT!!! This is an amazing accomplishment! Nick is by far the greatest ALL AROUND player when considering major titles.

L.S. Dennis
01-28-2003, 01:23 AM
Interesting obsevations, can't say I disagree with most of what you say. I do consider Earl the best nineball player and Efren the greatest all around player (sorry Nick). Don't know how Lassiter would have fared in this equation but they didn't have all the tournaments back then to use as standards of measurments.