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01-31-2003, 02:21 PM
For some reason this event popped up in my mind again and it still makes me laugh.

Chris and I frequent the same ph. One day a gentleman named Merle was playing near us. Now Merle is a decent enough guy but he has this goofy side arm stroke and cocks his head sideways over the cue. Merle is also not the sharpest of individuals.

At that time Merle was either working at a hardware or electronics store. Chris started asking Merle questions about products sold and prices. Chris being knowledeable about electronics new that Merle did not have a clue about what he was selling and the related prices.

The longer the banter went on the more evident this became. Finally, Chris said, loud enough for all in earshot to hear that the ABC hardware/electronics store was going out of business and they had to file bankruptcy under CHAPTER MERLE, as he was giving all the product away.

The Chapter Merle brought play to a halt and myself, I had tears running down with laughter.

Perhaps you have to know Merle or have been there that day and have heard the whole diatribe but this moment still brings a smile to my face.

Chris & Heide - Wishing you all the best - Hang tough.

Chris Cass
01-31-2003, 03:18 PM
Hi Steve,

Let me help ya out hear. I've known Merle for about 11 yrs now. He's an old guy that goes off playing pool if he misses and used to snap his cue , mutter and just go off in a tantrum. Everyone messes with Merle. They can't help it. It's easy and fun.

Don't think he doesn't get even. I was trimming my tip with an Ivory ferrule and using the Williards Machine one has to be quite delicate or the blade will catch the ferrule. Merle the old coot sneaks up and says boo! I didn't catch the ferrule but wanted to ring his scrawney neck. LOL Merle got a kick out of this. Sadist.

Well, Merle had been working at Ace hardware before the went out of business. I walk in one day and Merle walks up and asks, what I needed? I said, I need an extra car key made. He said, give me it I can do it. I looked at Heide and said, ok and gave Merle the key.

Heide and I went looking around the store for plumbing parts and came back to Merle cussing at this key machine. Merle, gives me back the key and a blank. I said what's up Merle? Then, looked on the floor and there were 8 keys on the floor that Merle had been through and he said, It can't be done. I laughed my a$$ off.

A week later, I come in for a fuse for the car. Merle, says, hi Chris what ya need? I said I need a 12V/20 Amp fuse. He comes back after 5 minutes with this monster house fuse. I about died..LOL

Someone was mentioning, Ace was going out of business at the ph. Mentioning Merle was working there. I said ya, they filed a Chapter Merle. hahahaha Can still remember the mountain of used blanks under the key machine. The bad part is Merle is now working for Lowes Hardware. He's in chains now. I can picture it now. Merle rapped up in chains and chain everywhere. LMAO


C.C.~~thanks for the laugh Steve.

01-31-2003, 03:40 PM
Thanks for filling in the details, I could not remember them all and you told the story much better than I would have.

I can just picture Merle with all those blank keys lying around his feet.

In any event, it was a very humorous moment for all those who were there.

01-31-2003, 04:00 PM
I'm glad you guys remember this stuff. I remember Ace Hardware, but sure don't remember Merle working there. Anyway, nice to hear from you, Steve. Haven't seen you around much.