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02-02-2003, 07:15 PM
Are there any good books out there on repairing pool tables? I was recently given an 8ft Valley coin table. It was bought at a pool hall by a man who was cheating on his wife. Apparently, one day he left with his mistress in the night, and left the pool table(he left alot of other stuff too, but the table is my only concern.) It seems to be in good shape, other than the felt and the ball return. The balls return fine, however the actual container where the balls are supposed to fall isn't attached. (I currently have a box with a couple towels under the table to catch the balls.) I can live with the ball return, but the felt really needs to be redone.

I have seen multiple kits available that comes with felt(cheap felt I am sure), tools, and instructional guides for refelting. Are these kits worthwhile? Is any one better than the other? Or should I just contact someone with more experience. I wouldn't mind buying a how to book, and some cheap felt and giving it a try. If it worked out well, then I would invest in some quality felt and do it again when I have more confidence. I'd also like to make a new base for it, but I've never constructed anything that has to support so much weight. I know I have seen a book on pool repair entitled something like "The Green Book Of Pool Repair"... I could just be making the title up based on the blue book of pool cues... Any help would be appreciated.

Reparing the table may be my goal for the spring. Currently the table is stored at my moms, as I don't have enough room for it in my current living arrangements.

02-02-2003, 10:35 PM
ok first thing get it done professionaly i have help recover many pool tables could probably do one by myself never tried. but the kind of cloth you get is very important and that it is stretched right.it doesn't cost that much to have one covered it would be cheaper just to have it done.because you would not get it right the first time. hope this helps.