View Full Version : ok maybe i came off wrong

02-02-2003, 10:55 PM
I agree with alot of you on this.I didn't mean expensive imeant quality.inlays mean nothing.I have shot with many different name brand sticks i can't stand meucci but,thats just me all the weight is to the butt i don't like that.however the post someone said its mental if you pick up a fine cue you can shoot passed your ability that much is a mind set.it really works but you don't need all that i guess i'm just set on certain name brands i have shot with and no other brands even compare. but know price means nothing you can buy a south east cue for 200 it will shoot as good as there 2000 dollar model and it is a very nice stick.I just wanted to wright this because i felt like i came off a little wrong in the first one.actually if you have a straight stick the weight you like and weighted butt to tip like you like.then the tip is the single most important part of the stick.but i won't even comment on tips because i'm not even sure there is a best tip i have seen to many very good shooters use a soft tip.And i don't like them either so there.maybe you can better understand what i was saying.