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02-03-2003, 09:15 AM
What an event this was!!! Over 90 players participated and some of the top players in the world were there. Try this.

- Billiard Digest Player of the Year, Francisco Bustamante.
- A legend in his own time, Efren Reyes.
- Recent, Mid-Atantic 9-Ball Championship Runner-up, Young Hwa Jeong.
- Last year's, BCA Open 9-Ball Champion, Charlie Williams.
- Past World 9-Ball Champion, Mika Immonen.
- WPBA Points leader, Karen Corr.
- Joss Tour Ace Crusher, Ronnie Alcano.
- The NY contingency - "Ginky" San Souci, Frankie Hernandez, Joey Korsisak.
- Other Joss Tour regulars like Steve Tavernier, Tony Ruberto, Robb Saez, Jay Stevens, Nicole Mancini and Rick Matarazzo.

How much better could the field have been? Joe Tucker put on a clinic on how to run a successful event!! And hats off to Steve and Regina Goulding for putting on what I consider the most anticpated event in the northeast. The combination of Snooker's Cafe & Billiards and the Joss Tour is like PB&J, it just fits perfectly!!

Something new at the Joss Tour events, Fantasy 9-Ball!! At the beginning of the event, Tucker rates the players and hands out Fantasy 9-Ball sheets. For $10 you can sweat the action, by picking a few players in the field. The concept is great and it let's everyone join the action without having to dump a lot of money into the calcutta.

Anyway, I wanted to show my appreciation to the Joss Tour, Mike Zuglan and Joe Tucker, Snooker's Cafe & Billiards, Steve and Regina Goulding plus staff, Dan Janes and Mike Webb and all the other sponsors of the Joss Tour. And last by not least to all the players and spectators who participated in the event. This was one of the best tournament weekends I've had in a long time.

PoolFan - Absolutely can not wait 'till the 15th Annual Ocean State Championships

02-03-2003, 10:33 AM
Thanx for the update.

Tony Robles didn't play?

02-03-2003, 01:00 PM
No, Robles wasn't there. It was odd, because he's played in that event for years, he must have had something else more important to do.

For years, Robles and Ginky retained the Ocean State Championship title.

Robles was missed at the event.