View Full Version : Steel Joints

02-14-2003, 11:13 PM
I used to play with a wood to wood jointed cue. Just switched to steel. Must say I love the play of steel. I like the sound and the level of feedback.

On judgement day, I will toss all that prefer wood to wood joints into the abyss.


02-15-2003, 02:01 AM
wood to wood joints have been around for ages. The english snooker players prefer no joint, a one piece cue. Most of the wood to wood joint users today are billiard players, it's become a rare thing to find. I only know of one place to go buy one, I had one, was not terribly wild about it & sold it. I used to think that the joint was the most important thing, now I know it is not. The most important thing is the tip, then the correct ferrule, then the proper shaft with the right taper & small deflection. I play with a stainless steel joint, it is a copy of the old Willie Hoppe or Rambo pin, but it is not brass, it is stainless steel, it has a protective collar around it, it's made by Schuler Cue in Chicago. The other cue I like is Meucci, it has a plastic joint, with a stainless steel pin coming out of it, I use the power piston cue. I get super results out of it. Between these two cues, there is no shot on earth, I cannot make. Fast Larry www.fastlarrypool.com (http://www.fastlarrypool.com)