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02-16-2003, 01:30 PM
Just wanted to get my 2 cents in, for what it is worth.

This guy holds the record break in both 8-ball and 9-ball as I understand it. He has been in Billiards Digest magazine, and on the cover of the magazine. I would guess that he knows a little bit about playing this game, yet he was run out of here on a rail.

I emailed Larry, and recieved a long, detailed response to my questions. I'm sure it took some time to put it all together. Larry's reply wasn't an advertisement, he didn't brag about his accomplishments, and he didn't talk down to me in any way. He took the time to give his honest advice to some guy he has never met and knows nothing about... via private email. That, in my book, says a lot about Larry.

I'm a newbie here, but I have been visiting various bulletin boards on various subjects, since the days of dialing into BBSs on my Apple IIe. I've been around the Internet block so to speak. I hate to see somebody that can be a source of valuable information driven away from a board. If you don't agree with Larry, please post your opinion, that is fine and appreciated. All opinions are welcome with me, I sort them out and use the ones I find valuable and discard the others, as I'm sure most people do. If you don't like Larry, that is fine too. But attacking him serves no purpose at all. He just might know what he is talking about.

Well, anyway, thanks to all the people here who help folks out when they are in need. I really enjoy coming here and reading the posts. I'm going to go watch the ladies play on ESPN now.

02-16-2003, 05:03 PM
Did you say he was in billiards digest? I would like to read it. What issue was it? Larry?


02-16-2003, 09:00 PM
Dear Mr. Bluewolf. Please try & put your self in my shoes & try to understand where I am coming from. First, I would like to be friends with you & every regular on this board. Come up & say hey the next time I am in your area. You must understand some thing, one, I am being told to establish my credentials, when I do I am accused of bragging, I am sorry I have done things they cant do or believe I have done, that is their problem Ihave already established my credentials, why should I have to do that with you, or any of you guys, please dont take offense at this, but who are you, what have you ever done, and why must I now report to you? Please understand I have proved everything I have done. It is not my problem you dont know about this. What am I to do, spend the rest of my life proving what I have done, now you are telling me I have to do that with every one who signs in on the board, this could become a full time job. Here is my current position, I have more money than I can ever spend, I have been very successful in the past. In 3 years I leave the country & pool & retire in Costa Rica. I dont need you, I dont need any body. I dont give a damn what you think about me, or what you say about me, seriously. It dont matta no how...
There is this well know billiard player who lives in Calif, won many US champioships. He asked for proof on my 11 rail bank, I sent him tapes showing me hitting 11 rails two handed on 9' pool tables & l0' billiard tables, and then doing it again one handed on both tables for a encore. I called him up, said did you get the tapes, yes. Did you get the proof package, yes, what do you think. He say's, I believe you did it on a billiard table, but there is no way you could have done it on a pool table. Why I said, because it is impossible & it cant be done he said. I said it was done at Ga Tech, a University, not a pool hall. My witnesses were state government employees, people of high respect in the community, not Harry Da Horse or Jake the Snake. You noted they were interviewed on the tape, they said I did it, they confirmed nothing was done to enhance the equipment, 50 people signed a written affidivit, giving their names, addresses, phone numbers, you can call up every one of them. Yes saw that. The entire shot was filmed by TTN, using 3 camera angles, I had nothing to do with the filming, OK, I met every criteria set out by the Guinness world book of records, ok, WELL WHAT I said. His answer was, it's impossible, it cant be done. I said what if I go to the F****** Vatican, shoot it in front of the pope, and he throws holy water on the shot & says on the tape I did it. What, dont matter he said, it cant be done. In other words, because he could not do it, I could not have done it, therefore I was a liar, it must be some be some kind of fraud. What I learned from that experience was if you like me, believe in me, you believe what I have done. If you dont like me, are jealous of me, no matter what I do, wont matter, it is wasted time, wasted energy, you wont believe. I proved every one of my 20 world records with this over whelming evidence package from l993 up to l997, all of my records have been accepted by the games leading experts, which leads me back to my original question, who in the hell are you, and why do I have to waste my time convincing you of anything. Dont take offense with that, put your self in my shoes. Dont ask for it, you are not going to get it, I dont have the time to keep doing this, and I dont care if you believe it or not.
Have I been in Billiards Digest, BD, where have you been Dude, did you just arrive on the scene. It is not my problem you cant read, or dont read. I have been in BD dozens of times, Bob Byrne, the games leading expert, hall of famer, put me in his column a dozen times. I have invented over 850 new trick shots, more than any other person in history, bob featured many of them in his BD columns. In Bob's last major book, he put me in it at ll different places. Michael Shamos, who write a BD column, has written about me several times, he also runs the Billiards Archive, has several PHD'S, IS THE GAMES LEADING EXPERT & AUTHORITY. He announced in BD, that I am now a billiards Expert, pool's highest honor. He did a 3 page story about me in 97, about how I began & founded the first true world trick shot championship, founded the trick shot shooters hall of fame, I even had him induct the first 4 people to go into it & tell the audience about them at the Hopkins Expo in 97, they were Minguad, Hood, Hoppe & Caras, 5 gets you 8, 3 of them, you dont have a clue who they are. There was a picture of me, plus news of my running the first northamerican trick shot championship sanctioned by the BCA. it's there, dig it out. P&b ran a 3 page story about me the next month. P&B ran a full page story about me on March 2000, page 14, called mutt and fast larry, a pic of me & Max, a pic of me on a TV premier set, a pic of Jake, the wonder dog. BD ran a full page story on Feb 2000, page 80, called why not believe it. It has a pic of Jake. There are dozens of other published articles about me in magazine all over the world. One billion people have either seen me play, or have read about me. I have played in 60 countries, and have been published in over 300 newspapers, in 50 countries, in l9 different languages, on 5 continents. I have had more TV appearances on more prime time major networks than any other player in the country in the last 3 years. Just last week along I appeared on prime time TV twice, on 2 different networks. Is it not fair for me to be able to ask the question, Dude, where in the hell have you been? Look, I dont want in your wofl pack, or to run in your little ring game, I just want to be friendly with you guys & get along, but when you ask questions like this, I find them insulting. I am a world trick shot champion. I do shows, I entertain, I teach, I sell things.
I am in the process of posting what I have done & my records on my new web site I am building. The way this is going to play is here they are, and you can believe it, or not, frankly I dont give a damn which one you choose.
One of you guys said I must be new to cpus or the internet, Jees, I worked as a sales executive for IBM, AT&T, and several other high tech fortune l00 firms. I sold computers for a living, sold $50,000 instruments that kept them working, and $25,000 instruments that told you what was wrong with them. I was the president of the computer division for the ERA, I have gone to every Comdex since it began. I had one of the earliest sites up on the internet, l995, go to Google, search, put in Fast Larry Grindinger, Ga Tech put it up. For 4 years I was the coach of the yellow jacket pool team. I taught a course in pool, snooker, and 3 cushion billiards. The picture you see on the site was on the cover of the Tech alumni magazine that mails out worlwide, Ga tech is the MIT of the South, this is no po dunk school. I had two physic professors enroll in my class to study me. They gave me a honory degree proclaiming me the professor of pool, Grady made his up, I earned mine. I graduated from the BCA instructors school, I am nowa master level teacher. I can go on & on, I have done so much, that when I begin to list it all, frankly I have trouble believing it my self. I have had nothing but ridicule & abuse from a lot of S*** for brain nobody's & I am not at the place in my life where I have decided to stop putting up with them. Here I am, this is what I have done, this is what I offer, and, you can believe it, or not. I was on the premier of that show, did you see this? Did you know that only the great Willie Hoppe was in Ripleys more than once, twice, I sat the record at 5 times, 5 times in a row, no other person, in any other field, can match that, and that covers a span of l00,000 people over 75 years. Focus on this, you guys cant teach me nothing, but I can teach you guys a ton of stuff, I can show you some new neat shots, we can have some fun together, but you have to let all that other stuff ride, just let it ride, it is not worth fighting over, because very soon, I will be gone & then soon forgotten. I only want to enjoy the brief time I have left in the game & I dont want to spend one precious moment fighting with you, or any one else. Get to know me, you will find out, I can be a lot of fun to be around.
Fast Larry Guninger

02-16-2003, 09:09 PM
Fast Larry,

I cannot wait to see some shots. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif If you would, might you post some using the WEI table.

One thing I would like to add, please shorten up the posts...I thought mine got wordy sometimes.


02-16-2003, 09:40 PM
Dear Edgr, in order to see my shots, come see me play at the Hopkins Expo or the BCA trade show this year, or buy my video tape. I have 3 for sale, each tape is 2 hrs long, you can see most of my record shots, plus many of my TV appearances. Each tape is $17 plus $3 s&h. If you want them free, I am building a new web site www.fastlarrypool.com. (http://www.fastlarrypool.com.) My plans are on the lst & 15th of every month to show a new trick shot & to teach a new pool lesson, I will also answer some questions on this site. Regards, Fast Larry.

02-17-2003, 06:25 AM

I would like to learn about position and banks. Hope to hear more about that.


02-17-2003, 05:03 PM
My computer just exploded due to "excessive wordiness and an an attempt at credibility".

Hey...that's what tech support told me.


Ken (thought my posts were long!)

02-17-2003, 05:10 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote rackmup:</font><hr> My computer just exploded due to "excessive wordiness and an an attempt at credibility".

Hey...that's what tech support told me.


Ken (thought my posts were long!) <hr /></blockquote>

"If you cant Dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with Bullsh/t" #@!*&amp;!!

02-17-2003, 05:26 PM
Hey thats my Quote! lol /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif

i like Fast larry cant wait to meet him at VF

02-17-2003, 05:46 PM
When I published "All About Pool" Larry G. wrote a column about trick shots. He also sent me a video of his shots, and I saw him in person at the "Super Show" in Atlanta. Larry has a massive ego and can be a bit abrasive at times, however, his talent and trick shots are AMAZING. In all my years I have NEVER seen anyone that made the variety of shots that Larry did. That includes watching Massey and Rossman's shows so many times I could do their routines. Had Larry been able to keep his personality in check, he would have undoubtably been recognized as one of the top three trick shot players around.

Bob Campbell