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L.S. Dennis
02-18-2003, 01:35 AM
Larry in one of your posts you mentioned using 8000 grit pink cue papers that you get directly from 3M. Do you get these via a paint supply and in turn from 3M or is there a number that can be called directly to 3M? I've never heard of that fine a grit and would like to try it.
Thanks Dennis

02-18-2003, 03:09 AM
I cant find the data now, but I have it around here some where. I am like a bull dog, when I set out to track something down, I will not give up. The cue papers are sold in rolls like the same size a duct tape. People buy them, then just cut them off & package them. White is 60, blue l00, green 200 , yellow 400, and in pool that is where they stop. They go beyond that, light blue, l500, brown 3000, pink 8000. The pink is some amazing stuff, nothing like it on earth. To buy all the rolls from 3m your talking over a grand, and they probably wont sell you direct. I talked them into giving it to me, hey, they dont call me fast larry for nothing. I know where the stuff is made. Try finding a 3m distributor & buying some from him. The pink is sold in sheets, in a box. If you dig, you can find it in every city. This stuff was originally designed to clean heads in the computer industry, it is made that well, so for pool, it's really over kill. If you used only the pink & your shaft was a little dirty, it would tear it up, it is so fine, you have to have it already highly slicked by at least the yellow l000, before using the pink. After use, I put them under the faucet, rub the dirt off with a toothbrush, dry & re use them over & over. I used to package & sell them, people would beg me for the pink. I dont do that any more, sorry. If you see me at a show, come up, I'll give you a pink to try. I dont think you will find them in any paint store, but they have some things that are pretty good. 3m also makes a lot of papers that are similiar, with paper backs, but they are not as good as the plastic ones. Good hunting, Fast Larry

02-18-2003, 03:23 AM
Mr Dennis, I did find something for you, call information, ask for the 3m microfinishing systems department, then ask them for a local distributor & describe what the papers are. I have the actual 3m catalog numbers, the yellow is called 26lx imperial lapping film a/x 3mil sheets, grade l2 mic, mineral a/o, backing 3mil, size 8 l/2 x ll in. The 3m product numbers at 400 grit 3m481Q, color green, 600 grit 3m48lq color gray, l200 grit 3m28lq, color blue, 4000 grit 3m28lq color pink, 6000 grit 3m28lq, color mint, 8000 grit 3m28lq, color pale green. You can order it in sheets or rolls, but don't be surprised if your local dealer does not carry a full array of it, because it is so expensive, & he does not want to bring in a large roll, for you to buy a couple of pieces of it. Shop every dealer the 3m office gives you. There you go, the full answer, I say you owe me a beer dude. Regards, Fast Larry

02-18-2003, 03:41 AM
Mr Dennis, can I tag on here please, two players asked me some questions, may I answer them. What is the best way to bank, do you use systems. There are 9 systems out there, the truth is they all suck. All 9 of them. In the heat of battle you are going to start lining up 3 angles & disecting them, give me a break. I have had the priviledge of either seeing the 6 greatest bankers of the century play or played several of them. These guys had no system, they just see it, bang whap it is in. I teach a simple system, most every bank is either a V or an A, depending on where you stand, line up two cues through the cue ball to the rail to the pocket & it forms one of these, that gives you the spot on the rail to aim at, then dont fully rely on that, this is a guide, I then turn the shot over to my cpu & let it pull the trigger on it. It's angle in, angle out. Keep it simple stupid is the key, everyone else teaches it complicated. I am a very good banker, because I believe I am & I believe banking is easy. It's like players today are afraid to bank, they will play safe. I saw Earl win one of his early world titles where he had a bad ball on the rail he could not get on, he could have ran up to it & played safe, instead he played right up to the bank, bang wap, in it went, out he went. I was very impressed. Just throw out balls & bank in 30 every day as I have always done, and in 2 weeks, you will be shocked how good you have become at them. Banks are easy, stop listening to these people who are telling you they are hard. The next question was how do you learn how to play position, well as that is what the game is all about at the top end, this is a subject a top stick in your room or pro player would be really good at helping you on/.
They would not be good, if they did not have this mastered.
Find a good instructor who can teach you some drills & systems. There are some good tapes out on the market on this also. Do get help, or it will take you l0 years to learn it on your own, Regards, Fast Larry

02-18-2003, 09:56 AM
I don't know about what 3-M makes but the most commonly used product found is Micro-mesh made by Micro-surface. They have a website at www.micro-surface.com (http://www.micro-surface.com)
They have up to 12000. It comes on rolls or by the sheet. The website probably can show you a distributor near you. If not check out this place http://www.rockler.com/ecom7/findprod.cfm?&DID=6&sku=6456

L.S. Dennis
02-18-2003, 12:14 PM
Larry and Popcorn
Thanks for all the info on the fine cue papers. I do some minor cue repair work here at home on my lathe and I'm always looking for something extra to give a little edge after a job.

Thanks again for all the help