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02-27-2003, 02:54 AM
Recently i have tried my hand at one pocket seeing as all i ever used to play was straight pool and no one really plays it that much out here,i figured let me try this game out a bit as its easier to get a game.
I actually find it very interesting and enjoyable, lots of strategy and more strategy and more hidden strategy. lol
Anyway, i picked up a copy of Koehlers book and got a tape from accu stats, the one with Billy Incardona : Common sense approach to one pocket. Although i guess an experienced player wouldnt get too much out of it, i got at least 4-5 good moves out of it. Namely what to do after the balls are broken by your opponent and its your move. That to me was always the most puzzling thing, i would stand and just scratch my head, now at least the clouds have started to part a little. Anyway i plan to get a few matches of some of the better players and see what they do in various situations.
Anyway, yesterday i saw some discussion on the boards about eddie robbins books on one pocket and the $525 price they were going for on e bay was discussed a little. I was at work with a friend of mine who is an older player and i showed it to him on the comp and he almost came unglued and told me he has both books and knows another guy who has the book. He says hes going to try to con the guy out of it with a $50 offer. lol Good luck i told him.
Anyway, just some thoughts.