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03-19-2002, 09:03 AM
This may not be a popular opinion, or what some of the purists want to hear about our beloved game.IMO to make pool a thriving business we need to expose/educate/advertise to the general public"gambling" side of the sport. Yea Yea i know what you all may say about how we need to clean things up, bull!We all love reading the old war stories of the road players....you want a "clean" humdrum,whitebread,starving,generic game ,or an exciting,public attracting,money making vehicle?! you can't have it both ways!. Take the action table at the Expo for example>>>hence the term ACTION!....where all the people were. Not only hustlers,backers,players,and railbirds, but everyday folk trying to see what all the buzz is about. Look at other sucessful sports....Golf> well marketed legalized gambling.What?...tournaments are'nt gambling?again bull....you put up $$$ to make more....thats gambling no matter how you slice it. And don't think for a minute that those guys arent wagering with eachother!.On the Golf channel last night they were chatting about how Arnold Palmer and his buds get together weekly for a little $50 a man action at Bayhill!Anyone here gonna slam Arnie?...I didnt think so.....Snooker?....huge gambling attraction...hell it's legal there right?....sucessful sport last time I checked. What about Casinos?.......dont get me started!they cant count it fast enough!...even though everyone knows 95% of people going into those places loses money!.Football pools.....baseball pools....lottery tickets....bingo....all forms of gambling that people flock to. So in my arguably distorted opinion push the fun action side of the game instead of hiding it,or acting like it doesnt exsist. Get joe homeowner into the action then MAYBE we can get this GREAT game the recognition it so truly deserves......Let the beatings begin:)...Later...Gerry

03-19-2002, 09:21 AM
Not to mention "Skins" in Golf! If that isn't the very essence of "what is wrong with the game/pool/world/universe". I don't see that as detrimental to Golf and that is televised! I guess television makes it legitamate. From what I've seen in this world, any competitive event brings out the competitor in people. That's human nature! Gambling isn't always the prettiest thing but like all vises, it can be taken to extremes. What is a better vise; getting drunk and starting a huge brawl/riot? Ever heard any Soccer horror stories? By the way, that is the most popular sport in the world, currently. My opinion, to make our game more popular, you need to get more people involved and interested. Now that is easier said than done. Like any other popular sport, it needs to appeal to alot of people, with many different aspects.
Actually, let me cut this short. Those that agree don't need to rehash this again and those that don't- OH Well.

03-19-2002, 10:11 AM
not a problem here! on the other hand, if it takes off and i have to wait on a table.. lets leave it as it is..

03-19-2002, 12:26 PM
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03-19-2002, 12:55 PM
I am certainly not against gambling in pool. Pool players, golfers, sportsmen/women in general are going to gamble. I love watching it, living vicariously.

I do have a problem when it's done too openly. It's something that has to be done quietly. Doing it too openly, in front of the general public, is going to arouse some folks who are bound and determined to see to it that everybody lives up to their rules....or to the rules in general, and then, when they squeal about it, the authorities have to do something.

I learned a long time ago that you can avoid or skirt some rules (there just may be considerable consequences!) but you don't flaunt it! If you want to do "your thing", knowing that many people won't "approve" then you have to try your best to be invisible.

It's a lot like getting drunk/high. You can get as loaded as you want and nobody will care but if you start making a scene then someone will be motivated to make a bust.

In the case of something like VF where the "general public" is in attendance, including those who live by strict rules and are teaching their children to live by those same rules, you have to be careful to not offend them or they will start blowing whistles. You move the "objectionable" activities to a more selective venue.

Most won't care if gambling is going on as long as it's not flaunted...done right in front of their collective noses. Not being cool about it forces their hand and consequently forces the authorities to do something lest they be accused of not doing their job.

You got to be cool about stuff! (Posting this is not being invisible and it worries me.)

phil in sofla
03-19-2002, 03:44 PM
Interesting contrarian view. Might be true. Backgammon, literally a centuries old game (as one of the very oldest board games in existence) regained its popularity this past century when someone added in the doubling cube, and it was used for gambling.