View Full Version : Supporting Poolhall Junkies

03-05-2003, 02:15 PM
To Everyone,

If you haven't seen Poolhall Junkies - do so. On it's own merit the film is well written, well acted as well as brings attention to the pool and billiard community.

I have seen a few posts both here and at the BD forum critical of the film, saying the film depicts the pool/billiard community in a negative light or is too much like the film The Hustler. After seeing the film, I do not see or agree with that opinion in any way.

What I saw was a story of a young man with a passion for a sport and natural talent in which he wanted to pursue in one direction but negative influences in his life tried to pull him another direction. What Poolhall Junkies actually does is shows there are various arenas in the billiard world, including the professional sport, competative path.

There are some similarities within the story that are similar to the The Hustler, however, this film is about someone's life in particular, Robert LeBlanc's and there are plenty who can verify it's authenticity. Ok, so what, frequently pool players have girlfriends (or boyfriends for that matter) who are not players but get somehow involved in the pool world due to their relationship with the player. So what about the similarity with the bad guy/ good guy influence on the primary player character. That is real and exists all the time everywhere. Does that mean both films cannot depict that reality?

This film is about positive versus negative, following your dreams and passion versus the easy way out. As far as the gambling aspect - it exists in all sports, why is the pool community on the outside such appologists for the gambling aspect of pool? Do we see Tiger Woods or other notable athletes in their respective industry going around with heads hung low any time the issue of gambling in their sport is discussed.

It seems the only people who care anymore on whether there exists a negative perspective on our beloved game because of side gambling are those within it!!

I do not think that most of the millions of casual players who go out with their friends on the weekends to the newer, more social, hot spot pool rooms all around the country, grab a couple of beers and with house cue in hand, play for a couple of hours, could really care less whether gambling is a big issue any more. What they care about is hangin with their friends and enjoy playing pool. Plain adn simple! They definately would love to see more pool on TV as well as should see this film. It would be entertaining to them.

Those of us who are more intricately involved with the sport, including all posters, players and industry folks need to support this film completely. We need to stop biting the hand that feeds us and our love of this game. We talk about the lack of visibility in the US for professional pool and now we have an opportunity to increase that exposure and yet are not behind this film enough. Answer me why?

Please encourage your friends and casual player friends to see the movie. It appears as if we don't care and I know that we do, let's prove it.