View Full Version : One pocket story

03-07-2003, 11:51 AM
My first one pocket game
I let a guy that I played 9 ball with talk me into playing one pocket. I had a good idea of the rules but no idea how to “play”. We agreed to play a race to 3 for $300. As we played he out moved me while I out shot him. Some how I managed to get hill to hill with each of us needing one ball, his shot. He hangs the ball up leaving me a shot I could not scratch on. Having never played the game before the only thing I could think of was knock the ball off the table, so I jacked up shot a jump shot into the ball sending both balls off the table. The cue ball went through the poolroom window and hit a police car. I had to go out side and talk with the police for 30 min. After I came back in everyone was laughing at me. My opponent let me out of the game because he thought I was going to have to pay for the dent in the police car, the police had let me off because they thought I would have to pay for the poolroom window, and the poolroom owner let me off because he thought the whole thing was funny. It was years before I played that game again. To this day when I play one pocket someone yells watch the windows!