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03-11-2003, 12:43 AM
This guy is a real piece of work. Here's the deal. I saw his Schon cue on eBay. The description read as follows (copy paste):

"6pts all high,abcd tulip wood rings,play for real,1 sfaft yellow micarta,99%cond.str8 58in.19.3oz.100%players cue."

It had no bids with opening price of $480 and shipping price of $20. I emailed him and said if he didn't get any bids, after close of auction I would like to make him an offer on the cue. He emailed me back, I made an offer, he made a counter. We came to an agreement. $425 including shipping. He closed the auction with less than 13 hours left on the auction. I told him I'd send payment first of the week. That was Saturday. Monday comes, he emails me and suddenly says the shaft that comes with the cue has some "wobble". Oh man I was pissed. Fortunately I hadn't gone and got the money order yet. I replied saying his description said "99% cond" and "str8", and that generally means the shaft thats included is in excellent condition and straight. He says he'd sell me one of his straight shafts with it for $75. Guess what that's exactly how much the auction was with shipping $500. My god, the nerve of this guy. Of course I told him I was sorry I'd wasted my time and his. What a friggin jerk-off!

Beware of 'poolartist8' on eBay.

03-11-2003, 09:39 AM
I donít normally read these boards, but this post was brought to my attention this morning.

Just be thankful you actually didnít finish the deal with Marty Herman. Iím sure you would have been screwed in more ways you could ever possibly imagine.

Seven or eight years ago, I made a deal with him to buy a cue (also a Schon). The price was $1,000.00 but back then, that was a lot of money for me. The deal was I would give him $100 every week until he was paid. I would be able to use the cue when I was with him, but would not be able to take it home until I had paid him. The day I was to see him on the 4th week, he calls me at work and said I am behind in my payments, but I had already given him $300 and was going to be giving him another $100 on that night. He then changes his story and says then I should have given him more money up front. I told him the deal was $100 per week. Had he asked for more up front, Iíd have given it to him. Then he says ďWell, the cue has damage, I need more money for my protectionĒ. I had used the cue for about 3 hours at this time. It was still practically brand new and there was absolutely no damage. I finally got so sick of listening to his crap, I told him just to give me back my money. Then he says he canít give it all back because there is damage to the cue. I went back and forth with him and finally decided that it just wasnít worth dealing with him and told him to keep the money. So, for $300 I had to never hear from Marty again. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I see him from time to time, but he never speaks to me and I never speak to him.

I once had 3 Mike Webb cues for sale on Ebay and he emails me asking if I want to make a deal. I emailed him back with whom I was and that was the last Iíve heard from him. He has been banned from Ebay several times but he continues to change his handle to conduct his business. I used to read his feedback just for laughs.

A few weeks after I had the Mike Webb cues on Ebay, a friend of mine made a deal with him to sell him a couple of cues. They work it out over the phone and he drives to Martyís house and Marty of course refuses to pay the money they agreed upon and gives a million stories. Friend got pissed and left with the cues. Few days later he gets an email from Marty, telling him heís a piece of crap, insulting his wife and threatening to kick his ass the next time they run into each other.

Iím sure there are many more stories like this out there. There are lots of good deals on cues, but you will NEVER get a good deal from Marty Herman. If you plan on doing business with him, you might as well, grab your ankles and be prepared for what youíre about to get.

03-11-2003, 05:49 PM
Well, I hate to say it but he has three auctions going on E-Bay and they are all pretty good deals. Not too smart, though. He'll be lucky if anyone sees them because he doesn't use the word "cue" in his titles - so they don't show up on a typical search. The best deal is he's got a fancy (at that time) Runde era Schon for $850 with 2 shafts (he bought it for $750 according to his feedback), a nice Jacoby, and a Manzino cue that's a work of art.

But anybody would be downright stupid buying from Poolartist8 if what these gentlemen are saying is correct.

What I am trying to say is, it's easy to see how people can get sucked in.

Too bad.


03-13-2003, 03:21 PM
For those of you that are interested in some of his prior Ebay history, here's some old feedback from one of his handles before he was banned.

Marty Herman Feedback (http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewFeedback&userid= perio@webtv.net&items=25)

There is at least one more, but I have to try and remember the handle he used. Give him time and the feedback for poolartist8 will look about the same.