View Full Version : I wonder why Meucci shafts warp?

03-12-2003, 10:29 AM
I have several older cues, a 32 year old Adams, with two shafts and a Bush a couple of years older than that with two shafts, one original and one made for me a year or two later. I also have a couple of Meuccis from the early seventies with a total of ten or so shafts between them some original and most bought at various times in the eighties and ninties. All the cues have been under my control since new and most of the Meucci shafts have warped while the others have remained straight as an arrow for almost half a century. I have never subjected them to excessive heat nor cold and never lean them. I bought a Meucci gambler with red dot shaft three years ago and it is now warped! I'm not trying to beat up on the brand here. It's just that I have only seen this with the Meuccis. I also have a Schon with an original shaft about 5 years old and a preditor shaft for it bought at the same time and they are straight.

Do others have this problem? I might mention that the warped shafts are all pretty badly bent, not just a gradual warp. Especially the Gambler. Have they changed the cure process or something?

Thanks for any help, advice.