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03-12-2003, 01:48 PM
Last night my wife and I went to our local poolhall (as we do 2-3 times a week) and played some 8ball (our league game, APA). After a number of games I racked the balls (we alternate the break, so we each get equal time practicing breaks) and said "Let's play some One Pocket", she said ok. Now, we've never played the game together or apart for that matter, but we've both seen it played and know the essentials of the game. We play about 5 games (she won 2 games) and are gonna pack it up but she wants to play one last game of 8ball.
Man, everything was so easy on that last game. I felt so "In the zone" I wanted to stay but it was too late so we left.
Now for the point of this thread:

How does everyone here feel about using One Pocket as a warming up tool? I've never thought of it as such but after last night, I could be convinced otherwise.

03-12-2003, 02:02 PM
IMO, 14.1 would be a better warm up than 1P.

03-12-2003, 02:09 PM
It will warm up your brain no doubt. Maybe thats why eight ball semed so easy. Like Tom 14-1 is a good start to. What I call an actual warm up is not playing any game though. I play after I'm warmed up when possible.

03-12-2003, 03:48 PM
IMO, 1 pocket isn't good for warming up. You and the wife probably didn't bunt, duck, hide and leave each other stuck to clusters and on the rail too much. This will not help you warm up. What you experienced was probaly something like "Wow now I can use all the pockets". I know that when I switch from 9 ball to 14.1 I think "Wow now I can shoot any ball"

Paul Mon

03-12-2003, 05:08 PM
We were playing safeties on each other, but nothing to rough as you said. Also we weren't penalizing each other for fouls. But I'm sure there is some validity to what you said about using all the pockets.