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03-13-2003, 12:14 PM
I'm writing to see if others have had the unfortuneate need to seek warranty service for their cue . Recently I have , and have not recieved the service I expected . Quite possibly I did not get the quality I expected when I purchased the product . All too often I hear " You get what you pay for " . Which is probably true . I wish I could have had somewhere to turn , to do some research . A place where owners of different manufacturers products , particularly cues , could post their opinions . My experience so far has been not a pleasureable one , requiring warranty service . My displeasure is with Meucci . I purchased a cue , model 97-9 , retail price of $415.00 . Upon using it for the first time , a problem resulted . The shaft split along one of the laminations . Meucci , being one of a few , if not the only manufacturer , who uses this type of shaft construction . The second attempted shot , the first being breaking a rack of balls , left a splinter embedded into my finger . I was in shock . This chain of events happened in front of fellow players , who had just spent time admiring my new " toy " . I proudly boasted my new cue , only to have it fail , and I became a laughing stock . Peer pressure can be cruel at times . I was embarassed . I thought as time passed , the wounds would heal , people would forget ..... Not so . My cue shaft has been at Meucci for over 6 weeks , adding to disgust . Numerous phone calls have been made to them , to no avail . Messages have been left on their voicemail , seeing seldom if ever , they answer their phone . No return phone calls have been recieved . One would expect better customer service than that . In the one time I was able to speak with a real person from the warranty department , I was informed that they are having numerous problems with their black dot shafts . I was informed there was only one person doing repairs . Their problems are now mine , which I didn't expect . I wish before making the decision to purchase their product , someone would have shared any similar experiences with me . I would have been more cautious in deciding to do business with them . I am hoping to make people aware , so perhaps , they will not be disgusted as I . Anyway , thanks for allowing me to vent ...... Feel free to respond , to share your thoughts and views ..... Bill

03-13-2003, 01:09 PM
No I've never had the problem with a cue but there are other items that have their problems to.

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03-13-2003, 08:33 PM
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04-08-2003, 11:19 AM
I understand your frustration. I own several Meucci Cues. Last year I sent one to them for a new shaft. After many repeated calls and broken promises I did get it back. Almost 5 months later.

The killer is that I called them the day I sent it and was told it would take a maximum of two weeks. I sent it Fed-ex and verified they received it two days later.

I will not purchase any more Meucci Cues because of this. Not even for my collection. (Unless it is a really old one.)

Bottom line. If you want good service DON'T go with Meucci.