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03-16-2003, 03:18 AM
thought i share these, although yall probably heard them all before...

" Pool is all luck, the more you play,
the luckier you get"
Willie Mosconi

" I watch a man play for one hour, If he misses more
than one time, I know I can beat him "
"A pool player in a tuxedo? That's like puttin' whipped cream
on a hot dog!"
Luther Lassiter

The balls know when you're broke.
Rudolph Wanderone

"Every gentleman plays billiards, but someone who
plays billiards to well is no gentleman.
Thomas Jefferson

"There are six-million shots in the game of pool"
Albert Einstein

Pool Sayings you could hear

"If they don't have a pool hall in heaven ,I ain`t going"
"I once gave up pool, it was the most
terrifying weekend of my life"
"Pool Players do it with stroke"
"Pool Players enjoy bustin balls"
"Pool is a game of Brains not Brawn"
"Never chalk before miscueing"
"Even if you beat me, I'm still the best !"
"You got to beat the man to be the man"
"Straight pool is the "Breakfast of Champions"
"Pool is 90% mental & 10% physical"
"Who`d you ever beat ?"
"You want some of this, you dead fly ?"
"I`ve spent most of my life playing pool, the rest, I`ve just wasted !
"You miss again. You lose again"
"I`ll beat you like a red headed step child"
"The more I play, the luckier I get"
"You couldn`t beat me with a beating stick"