View Full Version : Money balls on the snap?

phil in sofla
03-16-2003, 03:37 PM
Our little Sunday 9-ball tournament started letting in A players, and I've been getting weight in a few matches recently, although only the called 8.

Playing a guy giving me that weight who beats me (marginally) giving me the wild 6, I struggled to tie him on the hill. I didn't like my chances in the case game, so I called the 8 on the break, from the behind the 1 position, to go cross side.

I used to play a guy from the Carolinas, and they play a lot of 6 ball up there. He showed me ways to make the second ball they developed from their 6 ball matches.

What I remembered was to go 3-4 inches off the head spot, opposite the side the money ball was racked. The 8 was on the right side behind the 1, so I went to the left that distance. Then the hit was to use 3 or 9 o'clock English, hitting the 1 ball full (but I didn't remember which!). I decided on 3 o'clock (right), gave it a stroke, and big as life, the 8 crossed off the rail right into the cross side pocket, on its own line all the way (not kissed in). On-lookers shouted, and my opponent looked like he was gut punched!

I had to give weight to my next four opponents on the way to winning at the end, so this didn't come up again. Although the only other time I did it was to make a ball I was spotting my opponent (worked that time as well!).

One thing I noticed was the 8 had to go through a lot of traffic to get cross table, and I imagine that is why this isn't a percentage shot.

Do you ever play for making a ball on the break other than the 1 or a wing ball, either getting or giving weight? What would you estimate the percentage of success for a money ball in the 2nd position?

If the money ball was on the bottom of the rack, would forcing the rack over this way make for an angle to bank the ball back up to the head corners?