View Full Version : ashwood pro taper shaft???

03-17-2003, 01:15 AM
Has anyone ever used one or even know of its possible existance?

Being in Australia, most of the cues I sees are english snooker cues made of ash wood with a straight conical taper.

I have a sneaky pete dufferin that has a pro taper and has made me fall in love with the pro taper cause 70% of my shots are close bridged.

However the feel of the ash wood is sooooo much nicer than the maple, so I was thinking of trying for the best of both worlds by getting a custom ash wood shaft with a pro taper, even though I have never seen a cue made like this.

I am of the understanding that ash wood is lighter than maple, and my custom shaft will probably have a 12.5mm shaft. Do you think the resulting shaft would be too whippy to be usable?

Cheers - qSHAFT