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03-19-2003, 05:48 AM
I hope this doesnt make you mad but this girl needs help and I know that some of you are dog lovers.Huskies are a relatively small breed (mine weighs 35 pounds)so can live to be 15 easy.

You are my friends and I cannot take one more due to our condo rules.

From: "plamoretti60" <plamoretti60@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 20:42:10 -0000
Subject: [rescued_dogs] URGENT - Senior Husky PERFECT needs help (Long Island, NY)

Rio, a 13 year old, Husky was surrendered to the shelter a few days
ago ... to be destroyed. She is a sweet, spayed female in excellent
health. Her owner had no real reason for this other than she has
become an inconvenience. Their cherished Rio was their "baby" for 12
years until they had their own (a mortal). Rio went everywhere with
them slept in their bed shared holiday portraits now she is
an "inconvenience." "It is just too much, with all the hair"
after 12 years they realized their beloved husky has hair.

Rio became a permanent fixture in the backyard, alone, neglected and,
being a husky, has taken to escaping. When the family was called in
to pick her up from the shelter, they would take sometimes close to a
week to retrieve her threatening to euthanize her. After all, "they
just didn't know what else they could do?" Gentle coaxing to keep
Rio in the house was to no avail.

Rio is very sweet, housebroken, spayed, current on her vaccines and
good with mellow dogs (like her) of a similar size. I am told she is
cat aggressive, so I will assume that she is also small dog
aggressive. Rio's days at the shelter are numbered. Naturally, I
will hold her as long as possible, but the shelter is just about
full. At any moment, the last kennel can be used and then they will
turn to Rio. If anyone can help or know someone that can, please let
me know. It is heartbreaking to see her behind a kennel door.

Contact Kathy at the Smithtown Shelter
Tues Sat (1:00 4:00 pm)
(631) 360-7575
or email -- jkg0806@aol.com