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03-19-2003, 04:10 PM
ALL Events will continue as planed this weekend at Jay's Billiards in Inglewood (inside Hollywood Park Casino).
1. Sat/ Sun SCWBT Main event with 2 qualifying spots (San Diego and Illinois). Meeting at 10am $75 entry
2. Sat/ Sun Intro to 9-ball tour -- all APA 4's and new players are welcome. Meeting at 2 pm $75 entry
3. Sun Pro / Am round robin. All WPBA touring pros and amateurs are welcome. $50 entry
Touring Pros go to 7, all others go to 5. Meeting at 11am
4. Sun Second Chance event. 11am. $10 entry.

Directions to Jay's Billiards from Orange County and San Diego:
405 (N)
exit (R) Century
go 2-3 miles and the Hollywood Park Casino is on the Left hand side
Go inside and Jay's Billiards is on the 3rd floor. 3883 W. Century Blvd. Inglewood, CA

Jay's telephone (310) 677-6878
Mike's telephone (949) 295-2611

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To all players...

I am writing this e-mail to address the concernes that any players might have about about the events this weekend (WPBA qualifier) and the events going on in IRAQ.

I am fully aware and understand the very sensitive times we are currently in. I have considered all options and I am also flexible to change the plans if I feel that there is any threat to the ladies or if any "unforeseeable threats emerge in coming days" at all. I am looking very carefully at the larger, more exposed sporting events and following their lead (such as professional Basketball, the NCAA tournament, Baseball, Hockey as well as the WPBA coming out next Wednesday) and I will look closely at their decisions as to cancel and/or reschedule any events. Baseball has already cancelled their opening day game in Japan between Seattle and Oakland, but that is a much different situation than a game on our home land. No professional sporting events have been cancelled on our home soil.

The WPBA is still scheduled to come out to San Diego next Wednesday

"NCAA won't postpone games if war starts". This is the first decision from a major sporting event on war and the possible threats that may ensue. --see below--

I for one don't want to react out of fear, but I am also not afraid to react if becomes necessary.

I will be monitoring any possible events or warnings in Southern California and the country throughout the week.

I can assure you that any decision will have the best interests of the women in mind.

Please feel free to pass this message on to any and all concerned women,

Mike Hurst

see link below for article...

NCAA will not postpone games if war breaks out

By MARK JEWELL, Associated Press Writer
March 18, 2003
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The NCAA will not postpone or move any men's and women's basketball tournament games or other events if the United States goes to war with Iraq.

``From everything we know right now, it's in the best interests of the country to go forward,'' NCAA president Myles Brand said Tuesday, a day after telling reporters the NCAA was still exploring options.

The tournament games that begin this week ``will go on as scheduled without any changes in time, venue or format,'' Brand said.

Brand consulted Tuesday with Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and members of the NCAA's governing bodies before deciding.
``We felt that this was the right decision, and have no hesitation whatsoever having made it,'' he said.

The NCAA has spent four months reviewing options in case of war. The latest ultimatum

03-19-2003, 04:17 PM

Good to see you on the board again!

Listen, I can appreciate your edginess about your event this weekend. It's very difficult to try and postpone an event such as yours so close to its date. How do you really get the word out? This is where I need to pester my NEWT members for their email addresses.

Can I ask you how you would go about post-poning an event on such short notice?


03-19-2003, 04:39 PM

If the NCAA can play, I think you should go ahead as planned. Don't wanna disappoint the women. That could be dangerous. /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

03-20-2003, 03:57 PM
If I had to cancel the event this weekend I would have to call ALL the women. I would also send an e-mail, but most players don't really check their e-mails often enough for me to be at ease.

Not a fun job.

2 years ago I had a host room double book us with a private party and didn't find out until 9pm the Wednesday before the event. It was a very busy Thursday and Friday...I was able to find another location and let all the ladies know of the change. The tournament went on without a hitch. I'm getting sick just thinking about it again.

Can you remind me again why we do this???


03-21-2003, 11:41 AM
I have to at least try to please the women. The odds aren't real good but I can still try.