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Pizza Bob
03-20-2003, 02:50 PM
Over the last week or so I have found about four fraudulent listings on Ebay, for high-line custom and production cues. There are currently two listed - one being a Keith and the other a Pechauer. The perpetrator cuts and runs quickly - don't think they've been successful...yet. They re-register under a new ID and start all over again. What they do is "lift" all the photos and text from an auction that has just been successfully completed and then list it again, as if it is their own at low starting bids with no reserve. They hope to see one through to completion, have someone send them the money and then cut and run. Things to watch out for: Currently they state they are in Canada and the auction may be listed with a currency conversion shown. Most telling is that the seller has NO feedback and is newly registered. If you encounter a cue like this, and you want to bid, I'd advise doing a "Completed Item" search (under advanced search) and see if the same cue doesn't turn up as recently being sold. Caveat Emptor.

It's a jungle out there


Pizza Bob

03-20-2003, 03:31 PM
I beware of any seller with low or no feedback. And I will not deal with anyone with inexcusable negative feedback.

03-20-2003, 06:41 PM
I encountered a similar type of frauding. I was bidding on an Xbox package when it first came out and nobody was bidding on it. I bid on it, and if I would have won the guy would have lost money. Well someone bids over me and then recants his bid saying he "misclicked", now the bid is still up there. I figured it is still a good deal, and go over it...and he does it again and says he didn't want it after the fact. I didn't bid again...the guy had two handles and upping his bid. He had 0 feedback until I negatived his ass. (*&#$)#W(*W@

Thanks for the heads up though PB

Todd Speakman

03-21-2003, 06:57 AM
thank you.,. i was one of the bidders.. retracted bid because i couldn't contact seller.. if you try to ask seller a question, it will come back this item doesn't exist. i received three emails warning me this was a fraud after bidding.. i wanted to tell ebay about this but i couldn't find a way to let them know.. k