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03-21-2002, 10:13 AM
How about some pictures of the show. Maybe a few pictures of what you guys bought.

Fred Agnir
03-21-2002, 11:02 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Q-guy:</font><hr> How about some pictures of the show. Maybe a few pictures of what you guys bought. <hr></blockquote>

I've got no pictures, but I suppose I could post some. My coolest purchases were:

1) One of the best tip shapers I've seen yet. It looks like a small hair brush made of aluminum. The head of the brush has the curved surface with permanent grip. Basically, it's similar to any metal/plastic long shaper, but it has a nice handle giving the user good leverage.

2) The best portable table rest for cues, IMO. I have no idea which vendor was selling them, but it's the weighted kind similarly sold, but it holds two cues instead of three, and it fits in most(all?) *small* pockets on a case. Very nice, very convenient. It sold out quickly.

3) A "3 balls" cleaner. This is an ingenius yet simple "device." It's a mini trash can with a buffing pad on the bottom. Another pad is mounted on a drill. You put three balls in the trash can, and rotate the top pad with the drill. Perfect for home use. So much for me building any more home versions of ball cleaners.

4) A brand new copy of Winning One-Pocket, 1st Edition with correction papers. At $60 (originally ~ $50), I couldn't pass it up. From an "overall information" standpoint, this ranks as the best book in my library. Other 1-pocket books may have more technical information, but the history and the quotes on the masters' decision process on each shot are invaluable.

Fred &lt;~~~ should also post a picture of Barbara's world famous nuts