View Full Version : Lessons at Valley Forge.... did you take lessons.?

03-29-2003, 03:53 PM
Taking lessons... Do You ??
do you folks take lessons in the Art & Science of Playing Pool?

Having been a Professional Golfer, I realize the need for lessons. Lessons, in the game of Golf, are taken from the beginner level all the way through the ranks of top Professional.

Pool players could also get the benefit of a "second set of eyes" & a "second bank of knowledge" in their quest to PLAY BETTER.

Most players in my local area are at their peak & mentally refuse to accept that fact. The believe they will play better in time. They have watched me gain a good 50% in LEVEL OF PLAY & I wasn't a bad 5-6 when I started up again (after quitting the game 25 years ago to be a Engineer & Father).

I owe my tremendous upgrade in Player strength to Pool Lessons & the study of Pool Videos & Pool Books. Being able to learn something in 10 minutes beats the hell out of a month or two or a year. After a week or so of implementing the NEW KNOWLEDGE into my game during competition solidly implants that knowledge.

I saw thousand of CUES at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. NONE were marked "MAGIC WAND". AND if I did have a MAGIC WAND... I would have a guard carry it in a STEEL CASE.

I'm told there were folks giving lessons, but I honestly can't remember anything being posted. I'll be looking for that INFO in detail next year, in fact I'm gonna correspond with Allen & Dawn about who's confirmed to be there. As many players as were there... a dozen good teachers could have gotten wealthy... cb