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04-01-2003, 08:47 PM
i took about eight months off from posting here and in beginning to post again something has me confused. i know without any doubt i joined this board far longer than a year ago. when i look at the join date for people here earlier than me i see almost all joined on the date 2/17/02 or 2/18/02. does one's join date go by re-logging in after a message board software change? that would explain my 4/21 date. i was definitely here before then after digging throught the search... absolute. i also positively know that there were many posters here before 2/17/02. what's the story on this?
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04-01-2003, 09:51 PM
Easy answer,

When Billiards Digest started using the this new style of forum, the first date to register was Feb. 17th, 2002. If you posted prior to that date, you didn't have to register.

AZBilliards has recently changed their bulletin board format to a 'registration' only to post. Anyone can read the posts.. but if you want to start one or reply, you must register.

Registration is suppose to keep the forums easy to monitor. If someone does not follow the rules of the house.. they are banned.

04-02-2003, 12:24 AM
I've been on this board for one day and I saw they have a forum for asking questions about how the board works. And you've been here how long and don't know that.

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04-02-2003, 02:53 AM
howdy do Alexandra,
great to hear from you:-) last i knew, you were my pet garter snake in middle school. i knew you'd like Louisiana more than Michigan. No Hibernating! :-)

my how you've grown. it was my other ribbon snake Alexander that's the father, not me. alexandra, you were the first evidence i saw that differant sub-species could mate. if you remember, i thought you were a male until you gave birth. i called you Alexander for a whole year before changing it... to alexandra... i'm still sorry but i had no idea you were female at the time. i was even more goofy then than now. please don't be angry at that. i'm happy to know that in setting you all free in a good place everything worked out.

how's Gonzo?
April Fool's day or not: death, children, and child birth are not funny to mess with for a joke. it's not funny to mess with those things. funny thing is that even under a false name your writing is very recognizable... and in yet again misguided poor taste. i'll joke and kid until the cows are sleeping safely and freed to un-butcherable pastures. it's wrong to be hurtful, and your poking at the wrong person.

wake up!, yes please, this is somehow about improving billiards isn't it? and alexandra..oops i mean larry, my opinion of you has lowered to lower case status... which i've never done to anyone on this message board.. i never posted anything hateful to you, why must you go to terribly rude name calling to me and so many others? also in pretending to post under assumed names, i recommend please, at least change your writing style first.. then people like me wouldn't bother to look at things called IP addresses and use programs called Smart Who Is? your last stab hurt far more than you know, and if you knew you'd apologize to me and my fiancee' politely and with humility. i resisted wanting you banned from this site but now i am solidly with many others. in this case , April first or not it's deserved. and i doubt you even knew the date anyway.

best regards to all readers other than larry,

04-02-2003, 09:48 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote redwinebluebird:</font><hr>i'll joke and kid until the cows are sleeping safely and freed to un-butcherable pastures.<hr /></blockquote>Ok, wait a minute. Now you hitting below the belt.
I am a cow-eater.