View Full Version : Was taking a break CCB

04-02-2003, 06:10 AM
I was not going to go into this here. I am trying to play pool as much as I can, but the truth is I have been very sick and have to rest a lot, and cannot work.

Since I am resting but not sleepy, I apologize for posting so much on the CCB and irritating people.

The experts are still trying to figure out what the problem is. It seems that will take time to figure out. I am lucky to have a very sweet husband who does most everything around here.

In the meantime, this scott/Larry business, I admit I let it get to me. Then this redbird comes up and says a certain post is from Larry.

For those who were not here six months ago, we almost lost this forum. But through discussions with ccbadm, certain changes were made and the administrator can now take offenders off of the forum.

Gosh,I just wish all of the crazies would go away. If I have been wrong about who is who, It wont be the first or the last time. Sometimes I am too trusting.

A lot of people here I know are friends and nice people and just want to learn about pool and we do not deserve to have our forum destroyed.