View Full Version : J&J jump/break cue?

04-02-2003, 01:09 PM
anyone know anything about his brand? J&J jump/break cue?? I can get one for $50. I'd like to get a decent break/jump cue, mostly just because Im tired of breaking with a house cue. I dont like to break with my playing cue because I like to break with a heavier cue. Im still learning how to jump. this cue has a q/r joint above the wrap, hard rock maple, 13mm shaft...I was thinking of buying it and down the line maybe putting one of the jump tips that are available on it? I dont think I want to spend a ton of $$ on a break cue right now, since Im still learning. what about Action cues? they seem fairly inexpensive. Honestly, I dont think a more pricey jump/break cue is going to work any better for me...or will it? Am I missing something?

04-02-2003, 02:09 PM
I really like the J&J jump/break. My friend has one and it breaks the balls really well. The jump part of it is pretty easy to use as well. $50 sounds like a good deal. I believe he paid $75 for his.

04-02-2003, 02:33 PM
Thanks for the input, I had not heard of these cues before, but I dont think I can really go wrong with it for $50. Do you know if the shaft has a pro taper? Im assuming it does, though I cant seem to find much information on them.

04-02-2003, 02:58 PM
I actually have one. It does not have a pro taper, but I for the $60 I paid for it, it is worth it.

04-02-2003, 11:12 PM
i found one for 50 it does what is asked from it
i only dont like to use a phenolic tipped shaft on a small table, it doesnt seem to be the best for the size table. it works but some adjustments are needed.
other than that i like the cue and carry it in my case. so i guess that is a thumbs up for me.

04-03-2003, 03:22 AM
Somebody's seling them on ebay for $50 all the time. I think they belong to category "an OK cue for as cheap as possible".

04-03-2003, 01:51 PM
Hello to all ... new here, been a silent rail bird for a couple of weeks. Have been back playing regularly for a couple months after laying off sometime in the second Reagan administration. Anyway, since we're on the subject of jump cues, I'm in a somewhat similar position to Geoff and would welcome any advice.
In my case, I bought a low-end Falcon cue to test my devotion to the game, started shooting a little obsessively (you can probably hear my wife grousing) and then stepped up a few notches with another cue from them. So this leaves me with a spare shaft, which is great, but I'm thinking now I might as well use the original cue as a breaker and would like to pick up yet another shaft for that purpose.
Not sure what's the best way to go, same 13 mm maple or some other material? Could go cheap, but considering it's not urgent, might hold out and get something first-rate later.

04-03-2003, 04:34 PM
I picked it up today...the first 9 inches of the shaft is 13mm, then the taper starts...I dont know if that would be considered a "pro taper" or not..but its a decent cue for the $$. When I feel I have improved enough to warrant it, i will probably buy a better jump cue such as a bungee, but for now this cue breaks very well for me, and Im still learning jumps. Overall, very pleased with my purchase.

04-04-2003, 09:39 AM
When you learn to jump with that, you really won't need to Bunjee jump cue. The J&J should work fine.

04-04-2003, 05:26 PM
If you guys are really looking for a $60 decent break cue, with some spine to the shaft, that is like a house cue, but in two pieces, I have 4 left, come get em boys, call 770-38l-1916 Fast Larry www.fastlarrypool.com (http://www.fastlarrypool.com) Veni, Vidi, Vici...

04-04-2003, 06:27 PM
Larry, is it a break cue only or a jump/break?
Thanks, I just might take you up on that.