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Rich R.
03-22-2002, 02:08 PM
If you were at the WPBA finals at Valley Forge, you may have seen the Cuetec cues raffled off. They sold tickets in the pro arena all weekend. One of the winners seated in the front row, with the sponsors, was Lee Tiani. Mr. Tiani was representing the APA at the event. He is the head of the APA region that covers Southern Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia.
At the time I wondered why a representative of one of the sponsors would accept that cue and not have them pick another ticket.
Well if you picked up one of the free copies of, or already subscribe to, Iside Pool magazine, the March issue, look at page 52. There is a short story about the APA Player of the Month, Lyn Messersmith.
On Monday evening, Mr. Tiani showed up at Champion Billiards in Laurel Md. to present awards to APA 9-ball league players. He proudly showed everyone the cue that he had won at Valley Forge and also showed them that he had gotten it signed by Allison Fisher. Mr. Tiani then presented the cue to Lyn, as player of the month. I can not begin to tell you how thrilled Lyn is with the gift of that cue. If you read the story, you will understand that this is not a very happy time of the year for Lyn and this cue does give her a small happy memory to mix in with her sorrow. Allison is her favorite player in the WPBA and this cue will be cherished by her.
Lyn competes in APA leagues on several different evenings and does a lot to promote pool. She is a wonderful example of the best the APA has to offer.
I commend Mr. Tiani for his generous gift to Lyn.
Rich R.~~~Wednesday night teamate of Lyn's.

03-22-2002, 02:26 PM
Pretty neat thing to do! I just thought I'd put his name on the thread for all to see. It should be in headlines somewhere!

03-22-2002, 08:10 PM
Now that's a class act!! Rich, you tell Lee that the next time I see him he's got the nuts from me!! And may Lyn shoot well with her new cue!

Barbara~~~gives stuff away to give more stuff away...

03-23-2002, 05:56 AM
Barbara, I will let Lee know. Lyn does not plan on playing with the new cue. With Allison's signature on it, it will be on display in her home. Lyn is a very big fan of Allison's. Rich R.