View Full Version : The Spiderman Chuck - Copycat

Fred Agnir
04-07-2003, 07:47 AM
I want to give a big Kudos to Marty for sharing the Crutch Tip collet/chuck with us. I made a prototype and this thing is the bomb.

I couldn't find a crutch tip, so I used a 7/8th cane tip. I decided on a flexible contact cement to mount the rubber to the wood with hopes that the flexibility will help, not hinder. So far, so good.

I also made a mounting arbor of aluminum. I superglued it on, but also have countersunk mounting holes to screw the thing onto the wood.


The funny thing is that I bought a mini-lathe (Speedway, off of Ebay). I used the lathe to center up everything. I plugged the cane tip with some machined joint protectors to chuck onto, and placed the aluminum arbor on my tailstock drill chuck. Then I just brought the two together.

For facing and such, I use the mini-lathe just like anyone else would. I've been busy making Delrin collets. For cleaning, shaping, burnishing, I've been using the Spiderman Chuck Copy. It's awesome, baby.

Fred <~~~ spreading the word to buy from Spiderman at the BCA Nationals