View Full Version : Answers to $15,000 Guaranteed Added and Pro Status

04-07-2003, 11:43 AM
Okay Guys, Here are some answers.

Regarding $15,000 Added, it clearly states to look at the web site www.midwestopen.com (http://www.midwestopen.com) It is all there on how the money is split up.

Regarding Pro/Amateur distinction. Here is how it works.
You MUST have guidelines. As it states, we have selected to use the BCA guidelines. Guidelines are a course of direction on how the event is played. All of the guidelines are on the BCA website at www.bca-pool.com (http://www.bca-pool.com)

Regarding what "organizing body" decides who is pro and who is amateur. Again, that is listed under the guidelines which we must follow.

Regarding Jesse Bowman. He did win the Windy City Open. He was allowed to play BECAUSE he was NOT listed as a "Pro" As we all know he very well maybe one of the best Amateur players in the U.S., but he was in January still listed as an ameteur. Back we go to what the guidelines say..... As far as these next tournaments regarding Jesse, it completely depends on how the BCA rules his status.

There are many road players, which names I will not mention that are extreemly good and make a living by playing the road. Should we have a road player list that restricts them from play too?

The Windy City Open is promoted by Bob and Eydie Romano and The Midwest Billiard Open/Expo is promoted by John Stich and Bob Romano. There are several tournaments slated for this event. This event is intended for everyone to have fun under the BCA guidlines.

There will be a 5's and UNDER tournament that will be for APA player status. We will use the APA guidelines www.apa-pool.com (http://www.apa-pool.com) to conduct this event. This tournament is to accommondate the lessor player.

You can contact us directly at windycityopen@aol.com with any direct questions!