View Full Version : A guy walks into a bar with a monkey...

04-08-2003, 02:21 PM
A guy walks into a bar with a monkey on his shoulder. The bartender says, “We don’t allow monkeys in here”. The guy assures the bartender that the monkey is well trained and won’t cause any trouble. Just then the monkey jumps down runs across the bar to where a couple of people are playing pool. The monkey jumps up on the table, grabs the cue ball and in a split second swallows it whole. The guy quickly grabs the monkey and apologizes to the bartender saying that the monkey has never done anything like that before. So he and the monkey leave the bar full of stunned patrons.
About a month later the same guy with the same monkey comes back to the bar. Right away the bartender says, “No way, not again”. The guy again assures him that the monkey has learned his lesson and won’t be any trouble. Well about that time the monkey jumps down again but this time gets up on the bar and grabs a peanut out of a bowl. The bartender starts to nod his approval at the monkey for very nicely only taking one peanut until the monkey inserts the peanut into his butt and then takes it out to eat it. Seeing this the bartender tells the guy to leave, to which several people agree. The saddened guy tries to explain that since the cue incident that the monkey tests everything first.