View Full Version : A Mental Move that paid off!

03-23-2002, 06:14 AM
I had the pleasure of witnessing a great Mental Move yesterday. Another good player has been trying to match up with one of my friends for about two weeks. We'll call my friend Player A, and the other guy player B. Player B has been barking at Player A for quiet some time. Player A and I had just finished a nice session of One Hole when Player B starts Barking. We had just about reached the door when Player B said "You can get the Call Eight, race to 7". My friend had reached his breaking point of insults and whips around and replies..." No!, You can get the Call 8 in the same set!!". The match was underway withing 10 minutes, railbirds and all. Player B didn't even show up. Player A won the first two games. After that, Everyone could tell by the expresion on Player B's face that he was going to lose. Player B couldn't believe that HE was getting the Eight.....When he had offered the Eight. Player A wins 7 to 2. Player A unscrewed his stick after the first set and walked out smiling.