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04-12-2003, 10:18 AM
Here is the first draft of my abstract, which sumerizes the whole study. Thanks for everyones help!!!! Those of you who asked for more information on the consent form you will be recieving detailed results shortly. I am almost scared to ask for feedback, but go ahead let me know what you think.

The purpose of this study is to determine if gender is a factor in how people express emotions, display competitive attitudes, and make attributions about winning while playing a game of pool. Fifty- one participants were asked to put themselves in the position of someone shooting pool for their local pool league and describe what would be going through their head while competing. To ensure that a wide variety of participants could participate, the data was collected via Internet. To determine if gender or skill level has an effect on how people express emotions or how they display competitive attitudes when playing a game of pool, the number of emotional and competitive responses given were coded and counted. To determine if gender or skill level has an effect on how people attribute winning, participants were asked to say who they felt played the better game and why. The situation was structured to show that the opponent played the better game, but lost because of a technicality (scratching on the 8-ball). Results show that female participants express emotions more often than males regardless of skill level and the gender of the opponent. Novice participants displayed competitive attitudes when competing against females. Experienced participants displayed competitive attitudes when competing against males. These findings are especially true for male participants. Gender of participant, skill level, and gender of opponent had an effect on participants making attributions. Experienced participants made egotistical attributions more than novice participants. When participants with experience competed against the opposite sex they made egotistical attributions more often than when they competed against the same sex.

04-12-2003, 07:59 PM
Keener: Thanks for posting the draft abstract. Could you explain what you mean by "displayed competitive attitudes," "making attributions," and "made egotistical attributions"? Glad you were able to extract something useful from our responses!--D.M.