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04-12-2003, 04:58 PM
I'm looking for info on how to handicap an 8 ball league. We will be playing for 20 weeks thru the winter months. Probably 20-24 players using 2 tables. Wide range of players i.e. we have to have some sort of handicap to keep people interested. Any info will be appreciated.
Chuck D.

04-12-2003, 06:28 PM
Good luck on your new league..

I would suggest keeping track of all game scores. There is a handicap rating system for 8 ball that if you win you get 10 points. If you lose, you get a point for all of your balls that you made. Average the games played by the balls made and you get a handicap. If you play 5 games and have a total of 43 points your average is 4.3 (rounded down to 4.0) Total each teams handicap and the two teams that match up for the nite will have a difference.. or be even. If there is a difference.. its applied to the total of the nites matches... the team with the most points wins the nightly match.

Group the players into teams. Keeping track of Wins, and ball count. 4 teams of 5 players, or 6 teams of 3 players.

You might want to make it an odd number of teams.. so a team can schedule a nite off. That way players don't feel so committed to one nite a week for 20+ weeks.

Or.. you can have everyone play each other and then draw for teams at the mid-way point and again for the end. That way everyone has two chances of being on a winning team.

The handicap will be figured after all the play has been completed. So, this eliminates sandbagging for the most part. Plus it might keep the low intrest players showing up to see if they can be part of the winning teams.

hope this helps..