View Full Version : "A" Players in "B" Tournaments

04-14-2003, 12:23 PM
What do you should happen when an "A" player sneaks into a "B" tournament?
This happened here last month. An "A" player stormed through the field without trying to hide his ability. He was not a local player so it was hard to know how well he played. The TD did start awarding his opponents 1 or 2 games to start the match but this did no good. I races to 7 he never lost more than about 2 games.
Should there be a way to not award him the prize money even though I would disagree with that?



04-14-2003, 12:34 PM
I read about that also. I guess there really isn't much to be said about it. Like the TD said, he was upset at himself for having this happen at the tourney that he was running. Maybe they should have had a stipulation in the pre-tournament rules, that if a player is found out to be an A player, he will have his thumbs broke and cues snapped. Just kidding...I would have something in there about forfieture of winnings and entry fee. But still he ended up beating players who might have had a shot at getting in the money. It is a sensitive subject. Didn't give an answer, haven't had it happen where I was playing.

04-14-2003, 04:31 PM
The correct thing for the "A" player to do is forfeit his winnings. I used to "pop into town" and do this quite a bit. I know it's wrong, and so does anybody that tries it. I don't do it anymore, and if I play in a local tournament, anything I win goes back into the pot. That's my rule. I've had TD's force the money on me, and I just stick it in the tip jar. Also, I did this quite successfully for years because it was so hard to prove, and so easy to get away with. When I was room owner, I had no problem letting the -A- players into the -B- tournaments, mainly because they had to pay double the entry fee to play and we handicapped them to death to even the field. Now if somebody deceitfully entered as a -B- player when they obviously had higher skills, it is the TD's responsibility to deal with the situation immediately beofre the tournament gets too far along. The further he advances in the tourney, the harder it is to repair the situation.