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04-15-2003, 04:35 PM
wait a second... Michelin only has a three star rating modus? i've always felt confident that they used five stars.. and the super rare fifth star was awarded to only the very best eating spots in the world. of this i'm rather positive because once, about 7 years ago, in Spain, i dined at a Michelin 5 star spot.. the food was essentially clouds, foam, or savory cotton candy(attention readers! an A+, and low-brow humor bumper sticker and matching key chain to the person that can name the place). you know it has bothered me that Michelin has avoided New Orleans restaurants..i've searched for ratings in book stores, libraries, and the internet to no avail. a bit of a loss really because for me it would be interesting to hold our local cuisine against the stickiest pickiest possible benchmarks....just to see, good or bad.
overall, yep, i feel Tom is right using the 100 point system. it allows much more than 4 1/4 beans..although Jumping beans..hmmmm. an 89 "B" can be very differant than a 79.5 "B". Tom's system allows for this and is to my knowledge rather rare in dining critique. "B!"
brought to you by (b)ryan (b)ird the letter "B". i want to eat on Sesame Street or even better in Mr. Roger's neighboorhood. i do sincerely miss Mr. Fred Roger's and for the life of me really miss his passing and cannot joke about that at all. "Meow Meow, scared meow.."no Henrietta, witches aren't real, they are make believe you don't have to be frightened" Bacco, Mr. B's, Brennan's, Bella Luna, Bayona, Broussard's, The Bombay Club, Begue's, Benedict's, Bozo's, Barrecca's, Brigtsen's,Bruning's, Byblos, Bon Ton Café, Bistrox. you know my finacee' has Not worked at every restauanrt that starts with the letter "B".. i feel terrible for lying but really it was an exaggeration not meant to be a lie. she has worked at a quarte rof the above though..and our inside joke still can still last a few more years.
hey! New Orleans is a little city and we have three excellent restaurant critics! yippie for you and me! that's worth a dinner party....are we so friggin spoiled that we have to have the NYT review our local spots? NO! NYT critics over the past 8 years are two flights down from what we have..and i want to food-wrestle Tom or put a few dozen noisy walking catfish near his house... oh indeed yes..we know THOSE catfish are going straight into the cadillac. these are some bad catfish not killer catfish..they steal purses from old ladies and key cars so they are one group of some bad bees. B
oh yea, back to the point...my favorite, to me far above pretty much any food critic still active or alive is Susan Rohen of the Gambit. all of her reviews can be found online. they are extremely well written..deliciously written really, but all lean meat writing. no filler to fit required space. superb descriptions, and damn i wish i could be as descriptive with as few words. help me learn to write like Susan Rohen and less like a frustrated sophomore. positively useful recommendations. i probably misspelled her name cross pollinating it with the popular news anchor. as pompous and at times shallow as Tom can be, he does a downright useful job and i have to agree with most of his ratings and suggestions. if only he were a little less arrogant and pompous. i'm still mentally scarred by his rude trailer park comments and how he handles some warm "character" callers..by hanging up on them. sigh, Tom could use a little of Chef Buster's kindness in the radio show. anyway, being useful is about the biggest compliment a food critic can get. then we have Brett Anderson: who i feel is quite good, although in my opinion more of a writer than a foodie. still though, he's trying and doing a near excellent job. i appreciate the fact he visits such a wide area.
ok, guess the restaurant and send me money or even better than a check for ten thousand dollars buy me this please, and please hurry before someone else gets it... http://users.myexcel.com/hughtiernan/cues/id69.htm
if your not feeling philanthropic than visit New Orleans, Ohio. yes Ohio! see restaurant reviews from the famous "other" New Orleans. no www! really no WWW needed! free! just type drew.corrupt.net then give me.
of your hopeful respected aquantance,

04-16-2003, 12:27 PM

That would be the imcomparable Ferrán Adriŕ, super-star genius chef of El Bullí, whose Michelin three-star rated restaurant was located near Rosas, Spain, along a stretch of nearly deserted beach that is arduous to get to. Although Gourmet Magazine just reported that he had sold El Bullí and taken his toque to a new restaurant in Italy. I don't recall the details though.

Mssr. Adriŕ is indeed the most innovative uberchef worldwide, at least visually, of the last decade. His foam dishes are legendary even in chef circles. On a business trip there in 1998, I had the pleasure of a foamed langouste consomme served in a champagne flute where the soup started hot at the top and became cold at the bottom of the glass. It was just heaven! How he managed this feat of upside down thermodynamics I still cannot fathom to this date.


Michelin being a Europhile Institution does not venture beyond Europe. And its ratings has always been from no star to three stars. The dominant rating systems in the U.S. are the Zagat Surveys and the imperious <font color="black"> Restaurant Critics </font color> of metropolitan broadsheets such as The New York Times. The make-or-break powers of a Bryan Miller, Ruth Reichl, William Grimes (the past three reigning majordomo) cannot be underestimated.


04-16-2003, 07:52 PM
Hello Rrmgin and other gentle readers,

Oops. oops! a true real life LOL. i also write posts to a local New Orleans message board under this same log-in name. that wine/food board also uses the UBB format and looks nearly identical. i pasted this on the wrong spot and improperly posted a pool response on the food board. i did notice both mistakes but thought it interesting to leave my mistake here and see what would happen.

well Rrmgin you answered CORRECTLY! oddly enough, before those on the foodboard. so even if i made a mistake, you WIN! PM me your address and i'll be quick to send you your wonderful prizes. i'm much more respectful of the readership on this message board now. certainly the fact that you’re in Europe gave you an advantage. i've only dined at said restaurant one time and was pleasantly weirded out but have a delicious memory i'll never tire of in reminiscing. the ride to El Bullí took us over two hours, although the return ride back to our hotel was, even at night, more beautiful. one of our courses was merely a square plate with a tiny square wooden bowl filled with what looked like overcooked puff pastry. the strange part? an old fashioned silver syringe sat centered on the plate. no explanations of what to do with this at all and we were too intrigued to dare ask. we figured out to inject the wooden box and taste.. inside of the crisp bread-like shell there was some large hollow unique strange pasta thing buried . the syringe full of a purple colored wonderful sauce so well crafted that i was unable to detect a single ingrediant..it was unique then and still to my palate.
best regards,
P.S. you won Rrmgin! let me know where to send your prizes. what is pool like in Germany? how prevalent is billiards? what are the dominant table games there? is Ralph Souqet a popularly known person?