View Full Version : Dedicated to those who fight

John G
04-16-2003, 12:26 PM
So, here we are again old foe. I see your resolve hasnít waned.
Once again you have come to take from a spirit you believe youíve tamed.

Must I remind you again, at risk of sounding brash, of whom youíre about to confront.
You seem to have forgotten the battles weíve fought so I suppose I must be blunt .

Ah, good fortune is mine to have a foe such as you, Iím honored to keep you
at bay
But once again, though mighty you are, when itís done. It will be my day

Yes, itís true, you have wounded me many times. But fallen Iíve not and you know the
reason why?
A Warrior I was born, and as a Warrior I have lived, and only a Warrior will cause me
to die.

Whatís that you say? No, I meant no disrespect. You are very powerful and not to be
taken light
Indeed, it is because of your power that I am strengthened and prepared to fight.

So bring your best to this new field of battle and do what you think you must
But know this old foe. It is I who will be standing when the winds clear the dust.

John Gardner