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04-16-2003, 08:18 PM
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04-16-2003, 08:30 PM

When you link an image in your profile to a website, every time your image is displayed, you are using part of the bandwidth allocated to the website. Some Internet Service Providers charge a hosting fee based on bandwidth usage. The more hits on a website, the more the ISP will charge.

Linking these images in our profiles is a hit on a website. Some websites often change the image link information to cut down on bandwidth usage (the industry refers to this a Bandwidth Stealing)

I have to admit, I am and have been guilty of this borrowing of bandwidth.

Since BD's CCB will not allow it subscribers to use an upload of an image, the only way to get the image on your profile is to steal someones bandwidth, by linking the image to a website.

Some websites don't care.. and are glad someone is linking to them at all.

I guess I should find a website that doesn't care.. but maybe later..

BTW.. my waving flag should be up and running now.. I just refreshed the settings.. LOL..

The new forum at www.azbilliards.com (http://www.azbilliards.com) allows you to link an image (size restriction) to your profile from your own PC. Which I find very convienent.

04-17-2003, 12:37 AM
Tom thanks, by the way the To from my non-pool related post refers to Tom Fitmorris. a well known national food crtitc.

your reply was of little help, although i know the informnation you've presented and i imagine it effects you as well. can you see my photo? it's an old painting titled "self portrait" that i put some 8-ball eyes into with the computer. it's me set on fire for life in a way. can anyone see it? the picture and nothing psuedo or artistic..can you literally see it?

04-17-2003, 08:55 AM
I C U... /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif

04-17-2003, 09:20 AM
I think sometimes the website your linking to where the picture is may exceed it's allocated bandwidth and not allow it to be accessed. Perhaps that explains why sometimes your picture does not show up.

I see the picture now. It is a provocative compilation of vibrant reds and yellows primitively drawn but complexly passionate. It could be a tribal warrior prepared for battle that evokes fear but also a hypnotic calmness that transfixes and soothes.

Fred Agnir
04-17-2003, 10:04 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote TomBrooklyn:</font><hr> It is a provocative compilation of vibrant reds and yellows primitively drawn but complexly passionate. It could be a tribal warrior prepared for battle that evokes fear but also a hypnotic calmness that transfixes and soothes. <hr /></blockquote>Or his 2nd grader's doodling...


Fred &lt;~~~ picks door #1

04-17-2003, 11:14 AM
Post deleted by redwinebluebird

04-17-2003, 12:50 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote redwinebluebird:</font><hr>fred..you've proven your a shallow jerk! i'm sorry your devoid of any artistic lovliness, perhaps that's why you need to be rude rather than kind..becasuse your frustrated. fred, your little "stomp it!, stomp it!" response is far more second grade than any scan that's graced this board. you've got a new enemy little fred. little fred&lt;---- the philippino red-neck. i do feel bad for you, exactly what made you write your rude and foolish reply is the same thing that keeps your pool skill trapped at the level it remains. poor little fred cannot ever play respectable pool. poor little fred is a big mean baby or a tiny man.^v^ <hr /></blockquote>This from the compassionate civil servant who, seeking to bring justice to the weak and oppressed women of the world, who publishes on the internet a libelous public service message offering to help a virtually anonymous person who frivolously claims adultery and paternity and demands child support from a known pool player.


Fred Agnir
04-17-2003, 01:37 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote redwinebluebird:</font><hr> wow fred..you've proven your a shallow jerk! hell, i've always found you the fronter anyway, but i'm dissapointed this time instead of chuckling<hr /></blockquote>And I'm disappointed that instead of considering my post as a quip, you've decided to go offensive. Name calling certainly doesn't help your cause. Is there any reason why you think I'm somehow "devoid of artistic loving" other than your misunderstanding of my post? Have I ever posted anything that suggested such an incorrect statement?

Other than the fact that I collect cues and cases for aesthetic reasons, come from an artistic family, have taken Art History, write poetry and love songs, oh yeah, and married an artist with a BFA in painting, can you give me any other proof of your rambling? Did you not see where I said "picks door #1." Maybe it was too abstract for you. It meant I agree with TomBrooklyn's assessment, albeit a little "Art History Professor" over-the-top. Too bad you missed it.

In case SlimJim is wondering, I'm not apologizing for your (redwhiningbluebird) knee-jerk, defensive, pretentious reaction. It must be nice going through life with such a thin shield, waiting with axe. That's a metaphor.

Fred &lt;~~~ far from devoid of artistic love

04-18-2003, 01:44 AM
sorry to Fred and others, especially Fred. whom i feel sure is not a red-neck. i have not been myself for the past few weeks. various odd reasons and bumps in life. i notice i'm truly getting too thin skinned of late in more than just goofy message board things. sorry for my knee-JERK! reaction, which really sums it up pretty well. i think it best i lay off of message boards for a bit.
best regards,

04-18-2003, 10:49 AM
Sometimes I forget to temper criticism with empathy, remembering that in a way, everybody is doing the best they can with what they know.

04-19-2003, 09:31 PM
to slimjim,

no empathy needed for your empty critiques. PM sent.