View Full Version : Pool and Sex; warning!!!,,or things..

04-18-2003, 05:02 PM
that go bump in the night....A recent study by a noted sports phrenologist (that's me), has found a strong correlation between teenage coed pool and date rape
The typically avg, unsure teen male, after enduring the relentless taunts; " I spotted you two balls and still beat you", in an attempt to salvage his male ego, is now prone to acquiesce to the demands of the predatory female, or is that, female with a Predator. And.. he has another problem, since he couldn't sink anything when they were playing pool. Years of therapy could follow.
Ok, I'm just kidding here... date rape is a serious issue, and the use of the drug that renders the female incapable of muscular movement, thus incapable of resisting is intolerable. We used to try liquor, but it seemed to render us .. long before it affected our target. I believe that my first wife used the drug regularly