View Full Version : Having Fun

John G
04-19-2003, 04:12 PM
Ya wanna play some.

How ya doin, would you like to play some. I see youíre playen one pocket. I use to really love that game.

No! I havenít played for quite some time. You know, wife, kids, job. Yeah. use to play decent. Naw, I donít play the same

Well, Iíll play some cheap, cause I really miss playing but youíve got the best of this so I donít want to bet a lot.

Wow! Tough game. You play pretty good. Man that was lucky. Iím supprised I remembered that shot.

The balls are really rollin for me but thats the way pool is. Damn, was that lucky another half inch youíd be out

Watchin whatís happenen to you, I remember now why I quit. Iíd get so frustrated Iíd scream and shout.

Itís true, all these games have really been close, Iím supprised , I never expected to be the winner.

Yeah. You got some bad rolls. But hey listen I canít let you leave broke. Take this. Let me buy you dinner.

John Gardner