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04-21-2003, 11:31 AM
A golfer arrives at the clubhouse on Saturday afternoon, and requests a cart and a caddy. The cart checks out fine, but his assigned caddy is a feeble old man with a long gray beard. "Look", says the manager, "We're short on caddies today, and since you have a cart ol' Phil won't have to carry your bags anyway. Besides, he's got the eyes of an eagle, believe it or not".

Reluctantly, the golfer agrees and they head off for the first tee. He hits a great drive, and gets good position in the middle of the fairway. From where he stands, he can't see beyond the top of the hill, so he sends ol' Phil up to the crest in the cart to watch where his next shot lands. Before they separate, he asks "Are you sure you have good eyes?" "Yes, I have the eyes of an eagle." is the reply.

So he hits a perfect six-iron, walks up the hill, and asks "Did you see where my ball went?" "Yes", said Phil. "Well, where is it?" he persists. Phil says "I don't remember."