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04-25-2003, 02:42 AM
I have lived in the St. Louis area and currently work for a billiards company/poolroom owner named Buddy Evans. He's lived in the St. Louis area all his life, with the exception of some playing on the road.

The guy is a solid A-player and one of the best gamblers I've ever seen. Just wondering if anyone on the CCB knows him or has ever played him. He used to hang out w/ Louie Roberts before he committed suicide.

Anyone ever seeing him shoot would not forget him. The man has absolutely the worst stroke/mechanics of anyone on the planet. He's like a bumble bee. It's been scientifically proven that because of the laws of physics and aerodynamics that its totally impossible for a bumblebee to engage in flight. They forgot to tell the bumblebee that though. Likewise, Buddy's sroke (or lack thereof) should render him the worst shooter in the world. Someone forgot to tell him that.

Anyway, if anyone has any stories about him I'd love to hear them.

04-25-2003, 06:52 AM
I remember Buddy Evans in St. Louis and he was, maybe is still, a very solid player. I do remember his stroke being a little punchy but more in him being able to have a lot of body movement and still make the shot. I had no idea he had opened a pool hall but can see him running one.

I think I remember coming out on top against him but, hell, I'm much better at remembering the wins than the losses from the old days. He would have known Louie Roberts but I don't associate them together in any big way. However, I spent more time with Louie in Memphis and the Mid-South than in St. Louis. By the way, I don't believe Louie, in a million years, shot himself. Let me know where he's at and I'll stop by his place the next time I'm in St. Louis.

04-25-2003, 09:02 AM
Yeah, that's Buddy. I guess I associate him w/ Louie Roberts because I enjoy the stories he tells about Louie. I never knew Louie and didn't live in St. Louis all the time, so I can't really comment on his death, other than to say that from the stories I've heard, he made Keith McCready look like an alter boy.

Buddy owned a pool hall back in the late 80's/early 90's in St. Charles, MO called "Gateway Billiards". His new place, in St. Peters, MO, is called "Planet 8-Ball". Very nice place. We have about 14 Valley Bar Boxes, 4 AMF Tournament Pro 8s, a Gold Crown III pro 8, a couple of GC III 9s, and a couple of really nice Global 9 footers. Ceilings are 25ft high so smoke is never a problem. Place has great food and great weekly tournaments. If anyone is in the area, please stop and shoot for a while.

04-25-2003, 10:39 AM
Dee, as you know I only knew Louie from the few times we played. I never thought he would have killed himself either. Of course I don't know what was happening in his life at the time. After returning to the game I bought into a pool room here. There was a picture of Louie in the office with a write up on his death. It sure seemed odd them finding him in a closet as I recall. Correct me if I'm wrong. From his picture though, that boy gained a lot of weight. I always liked Louie and he was a gentelman when we played, thats the way I choose to remember him.


04-25-2003, 11:18 AM

Louie was a little vain but a great guy and the weight gain (not much by most of our standards) did bother him but most of his problems were money related. However, he had an almost unreasonable fear of guns. I kept a .45 in my backpack when we traveled and I couldn't even get him to touch it, much less even consider shooting it.

I don't know what happened but I would bet my life (really) that he never pulled a trigger on himself. I like to remember him combing his hair before we went to get in the car, then him combing it again in the car, then again when we started to get out. He was a good looking kid but weren't we all back then.

If we were going in a place, he's check out MY shoes to make sure they were shined! I never was a GQ sort of guy so I guess I also made him look good.

I miss him smiling when we robbed someone and an even bigger one when they got the best of us. I don't remember him as being as wild as some say he was. We did have fun and he could play a practical joke every once in a while. I always told him, however, I'd rather play against him than as his partner. He could run racks and he could also blow up. You never knew which guy would show up. I still have an old bag of his junk I have never had the heart to throw away.


Harold Acosta
04-25-2003, 11:20 AM
How far away from St. Louis, MO?. (Grand Central Station)

04-25-2003, 11:30 AM
Hope you guys don't think I meant any disrespect to Louie. As I said, I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I do hang out with quite a few people that knew him and they all speak fondly of him, but say that as great a man as he was, he had his weaknesses and had a tendency to sabotage his own success.

I think everyone I've ever met that knew him has said the same thing about his game though. When he was on there wasn't a human alive that could beat him.

04-25-2003, 11:31 AM
St. Peters is about 15-20 minutes west of downtown St. Louis.

04-25-2003, 11:47 AM
Oh yes I forgot, combing of the Hair. LOL Yes he did do that with his, how should I say his Elvis curl in the front. LOL I've always said he reminded me of Elvis and he was good looking. So was I, ha ha ha.
Thanks for sharing that.


04-25-2003, 11:55 AM
No problem here Shoop, I'm sure you didn't. I remember him as he was, stories are just that stories.

I guess I was fortunate though, in that the few times we played he never won. We all have our A games at times, for me though, there getting spaced farther and farther apart. LOL


04-26-2003, 08:05 AM

Like Rod, I have no problems with stories about Louie. He was what he was. I never really saw what some might see as a "dark side" to him. We were friends, he was a remarkable player and a nice guy that was really fun to hang out with. He had a smile that would infect you when you were down and was pretty optimistic even in the bad times.

I can say he would not mind a few stories about him going around, good or bad. He liked being the center of attention and that's part of what made him a competitor. Like Rod said, he didn't have to beat you if you were on your game but playing him and beating him, even when his "A" game was not all there was certainly an accomplishment. (Hats off to Rod)

Unlike you, I just don't feel, even at his best, he was the best player of the time. I may be prejudiced, but I give Earl the nod for having the best game when he was "on" than anyone. When most world class players are playing their best, I always get the feeling they can miss. When Earl is playing you and hitting the center of the pockets at warp speed, you realize that he is not going to miss, period. He's not going to get out of line, he's not going to fold and you are going to spend a lot of time in your seat. I think Efren can be that way as well with the added problem his being able to hit a ball from anywhere. I just have not played against him while he was in his best form. I also feel you have to measure a player over time. We all see new players jump up there for a year or so, then fade a little. Give a Corey Duel a forty year career, then judge his game, not just the hot and cold of a season or two.

I think we honor past players when we tell the old stories about them, their lives and the things that made them different. I saw Keith McCready a few weeks ago and am thrilled that he is playing so well again and seems to have his life together as well. I try not to add negative things about him and others as most of us don't understand the price these guys have payed to accomplish what they have. If I had had his background, I may have been much worse than the stories we here about him and others. To see him now, after many years of less than his best game, competing with top competition is really great. How many of us have to survive by our own skill at a very complicated and competitive game for a lifetime? How many of us could? I wish they had all been saints, I guess, but the color and differences is what draws many of us to the game.

Sorry I got off the subject a little. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif