View Full Version : another post for PH junkies

04-26-2003, 02:01 AM
I got my DVD in last Saturday, gotta say I loved the movie alot. Anyway, the guy I got it from lives in Austrailia and said he has more copies, so if anyone wants let me know, and when I can tally the number of people I'll see what kind of deal he may give for ordering several copies. If you would please email me sack316@msn.com because I don't always have time to come check on here, but if its in my email I'll have it all right there.
Oh, for those that have questions:
it is universal format (as far as regional limitations I mean), it does not work on PS2, plays 100% perfect on a computer, for TV I'd suggest having HDTV (or PAL compatable TV). Mine is not PAL, its still plays fine with no skips or anything, just the opening menu ran off the bottom of the screen, the movie itself fits the whole picture in, it just looks slightly elongated from top to bottom (not anywhere near bad enough to distract from the movie at all). If anyone has more questions feel free to email me and I'll answer as soon as I can. I'm working alot and when not working out shooting, so forgive me if I am slow to respond.