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03-24-2002, 11:43 PM
Hello all,
I noticed my cue had a very slight wobble on the table, it was so slight that I thought it was an illusion due to a dirty shaft, but it is not. It is also not the shafts, they are both still straight. After further inspection it is in the forearm, and it is very slight but it is still there.
This cue is really special to me because I actually designed it and it was kind of a "Dream Cue". I spent alot of time drawing the design and explaining the particulars in detail how I wanted everything made. I showed this Draft to my dad and he was really proud of my attention to detail (keep in mind, this was about ten years ago, I was around 17).
As a few years past I didn't think much of that "Cue Draft".
In 1996 my dad a major decline in his health and was told he had not long to live (quick side note, I am proud to say my dad was my very best friend). Somehow, between my "Draft" and that point in time, my dream cue became reality!
My dad had it made for me! It is exactly what I wanted!
I asked him how he made this happen and he never did say much. He never told me who made it, or how much it cost (he was funny that way). He just said with planning, desire and a little effort some dreams are possible.
Needless to say this warping is heartbreaking, and I don't know of any solutions. Like I said, it is not terrible, but it is there.
Any suggestions?

03-25-2002, 03:28 AM
I'm afraid that if the forearm is warped (how did you determine this?) then there is not much that you can do, short of having the forearm replaced. There is no way to straighten it. Are you sure the problem is not just in the joint, or maybe in the handle and not the forearm?

It might be possible to have the joint faces remachined, or even adjusted slightly so the the entire cue is straighter when assembled than it is now.

Don't give up on the cue. It can surely be improved. Even with a slight warp in the forearm, this will not affect the playability to any degree that it worth worrying about.

Take it to a cuerepair person, see what can be done, but still continue to enjoy your cue!


03-25-2002, 07:10 AM

First, a very touching story. Second, to repair a warped forearm will be tough. Perhaps, as suggested, the joint might be out of alignment or it can be modified to "fix" the problem.

The "wobble" in your cue certainly is no threat to the unwavering love you obviously have for your Father. Keep playing with the cue and perhaps it (the "wobble") is just your Dad's way of keeping you as focused on your game as he was on fulfilling your dream of that owning that cue.


Ken (plays with a cue that his Grandad bought him and understands)

Rich R.
03-25-2002, 12:08 PM
I too have a sentimental cue and I understand your position. First of all, I would take the advise of TonyM and have it looked at by a good cue man. One was able to fix my sentimental cue, when I thought it was time for retirement.
If the cue man can not completely fix your cue, he may be able to fix it to the point where it would be a good break cue. Using it as a break cue would keep that cue, and the memories that go with it, close to you. Rich R.

03-25-2002, 02:27 PM
shot, as you described it, i can't see any way that the little-bitty warp will affect the way the cue shoots. maybe if it was in the shaft but not in the butt/forearm.

also, i suspect that if you post a picture of the cue here (you'll have to find someone else to explain how if you don't know) you might get some ideas on who made it.


03-25-2002, 04:58 PM
Hi Dan,
I can describe what it looks like pretty well for now. I'll try to figure out picture posting later.
The cue has a birdseye maple forearm with 6 ebony points (3 high, 3 low) with cocobolo points cut into the ebony. The three high points have 2.5" ivory spears inlayed in the cocobolo. The butt-end has reverse points which match the forearm pattern.
The pin is a 3/8-10 brass pin (A SouthWest pin). It is flat face with a black phenolic joint.
At first glance, many people think it is a SouthWest, but it's not (the buttcap is not right, and the cue has a weight bolt).
This cue hits so nice and plays so well that, no matter what its actually worth, someone might as well go buy a Lincoln LS, with the money it would take for me to let it go.
I am pretty sure it was made in Mo, Ok, or Ks.

03-25-2002, 05:19 PM
I know you live in the KC area, you might want to go down to Olathe, the weekend of April 7th. Jim Buss may possibly be there for that tournment and he can give you a good opinion of what can be done about your problem. He is one of the best cuemakers in this part of the country. I think you said you play at Raytown billiards, if you do look at Steve Haskel's (spelling) cue, Buss made it he can truly do wonders. Good luck, Bob

03-25-2002, 05:35 PM
Hi Bob (Lichtenberg possibly?)

You mention Steve Hassel's cue, do you know the story behind his cue? His butt is a Titlist that was used as a crutch at Raytown for God knows how many years. Jim Definately made a beautiful good playing cue out of that ol' crutch.
I am assuming when you were here in Jan (?) for the olathe tourny you didn't make it to Raytown. I left my phone# there and told Steve and Doug if any "strange faces" rolled in to ask if it happened to Be Bob (you) and to give me a call.
Thanks for the heads up on April 7 Bob,
Scott E

03-25-2002, 07:41 PM
Hi Scott,
I saw Doug, one nite after he closed at Olathe, but he didn't mention it. We were busy talking about 3c, I may be over again in April but not sure yet. I will come in Oct. if not. We will meet sometime in the future. Good luck with your cue. By the way I will be going to Whitey Walkers tournment in May at Burlington Iowa hope you get a chance to come over there. Again good luck with your cue. Bob