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05-05-2003, 08:56 PM
I received many emails asking about fantasy9ball after i offered a one year membership for the CCB tournament.

The next event is the BCA open 9-Ball championships.

Players are now added to the database with their costs.

Players are priced based on their performance and you pick the players you think will do the best with your $1,000.00 Fantasy Bucks. Pick the right players and finish up top and you may win a Brand New Gabriels Signature Pro Pool Table or any of the other great prizes from Sigel Cues, Capone Cues, Instroke Cases, Talisman Tips, Tip-Pik's, Books, Videos, Billiards Digest subscriptions and much more..PICK THE PLAYERS AND WIN THE PRIZES..It's That Easy!

Go to Fantasy9ball.com and read the "FAQ" section and then proceed to new user registration. If you still have any questions, let me know.. Brady@fantasy9ball.com

www.Fantasy9ball.com (http://www.Fantasy9ball.com)


Please don't concider this spam just helpful knowledge..


05-05-2003, 09:15 PM
Not spam when you are making Pool players happy..

Good site everyone.. when you have a chance.. go to Fantasy9ball.com to see what its all about.

I am IN.. and will be picking my winners this week.

Who will score the highest in points here on CCB? NOT Me.. I suck at guessing who wins.. but I love playing..

9 Ball Girl
05-05-2003, 09:28 PM
Hey Brady! First off, thanks for the membership offer for our CCB tourney.

Second, I checked out the website and you can count me in. Hopefully I'll pick horses with good legs! LOL In any case, great site, thanks!

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